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Bones 5 Kickstarter Figure Assembly Questions & Advice

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This is a thread for any and all questions, advice, tips and tricks for all of the figures from the Bones 5 kickstarter! Feel free to post pictures when asking questions or to illustrate your advice.



Thank you @lexomatic for the idea!

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Top Posters In This Topic

I did not even get a ship but I am such a “ship nerd” I can tell you which mast goes where, which way they point, what the ships scale dimensions are…


Ships are my thing. Ask away. 

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2 hours ago, TGP said:

I did not even get a ship but I am such a “ship nerd” I can tell you which mast goes where, which way they point, what the ships scale dimensions are…


Ships are my thing. Ask away. 


A ship of that size should also have a bilge below the bottom level produced by Reaper, should it not?


I’m planning to use an EVA foam floor mat to make a bottom level, for multi-level combats. Cut it out to fit under the bottom layer, and create planking and wood texture with a box cutter and heat gun (cosplay EVA foam tutorials have techniques to achieve wood texture, though usually on a larger scale).

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24 minutes ago, Jodie said:

What glue should I use for assembling my bones 5? PVC for plastic miniatures or 

Loctite Instant Adhesive 40?



I use cyanoacrylate glue aka “Crazy Glue” or “Super Glue”.  DH favors the Loctite Ultra gel with the blue cap.  I use whatever's handy.... Gorilla gel at the moment. 

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2 hours ago, ksbsnowowl said:
5 hours ago, TGP said:

I did not even get a ship but I am such a “ship nerd” I can tell you which mast goes where, which way they point, what the ships scale dimensions are…


Ships are my thing. Ask away. 



A ship of that size should also have a bilge below the bottom level produced by Reaper, should it not?

Short answer: Yes


Definitive answer: Only Sculptor Chris Lewis knows for sure. 


At least one deck, maybe two, possibly three, depending on how deep into the water you want to imagine the ship is. 

It could be a shallow draft design or have a deeper draft. (Draft = the depth below the water line.)


Bilge is the flat part of the hull interior right next to the keel. Lowest point in the hull. Bottom of the hold. 

Orlop deck is a feature that could exist below the main gun deck (sometimes only in the stern—sort of a half deck).

USS Constitution (detailed plans exist) has a Berth Deck, Orlop Deck, and a Hold at the bottom. All of those under the Main Gun deck. 


Decks included in the model, top to bottom:


1. Poop deck

2. Quarter deck

2. Forecastle deck

3. Upper deck

4. Main Gun deck  


2 & 2 are not a mistake, they are effectively the same level. 

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33 minutes ago, WolfLord said:

Anybody having an issue with placing the seat boards on the sailboat from the Brinewind Expansion?

Are they too wide?

Do they rattle / not quite wide enough?

What is the issue?

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The head of the cyclops from the Greek set would not fit into the body for me at all.  I had to boil the head for a good minute in order to soften the plastic enough to get it in.

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@Chaoswolfi agree. Some situations i use gel while most i use regular super glue. I buy the 2 or 3 packs at Dollar Tree. If you're going on a bender for gluing, you can snag the large $1 bottle. I try not to buy those big ones because they dry or get finicky after a few uses. 


Pro-tip that i picked up from a youtube video on one of my many blackhole dives into hobby videos was: bonding things with baking soda. My method with this is used 2 ways: 

Option 1 - filing the larger receiving "socket" end with superglue, then dipping a small amount of baking soda on the "plug" end. It should almost look like it's dusty, not caked. The second those two ends come in contact it's like magic - bond is faster and even reinforced. *note - do not overdo this dip into the baking soda as it does take volume of space and if too much it will not give you an ideal fit. 

Option 2 (my fav) - i keep a small squirt bottle of mixed 80% isopropyl w/ 20% baking soda. I fill the "socket" end with glue, then spray the receiving end with the iso-mix.  It dries insanely fast, still creates that baking soda bond, and slightly fills minor gaps. *note - play with this on something else first before so you can see how much to use and what bonding time looks like. 


I still fill gaps in with milliput after, but this reduces my time and often lessens the amount of filler i need AND has the added benefit of a better bond between the glued parts. It's basically a cement when done.


I think both LukesAPS, EonsOfBattle, TerrainTutor, and Miniac have all done videos on this method.  


It had helped me greatly in putting models together and saving me time.  



Figured I'd add examples: 

Here's that wererat i finished, but you can see where i sealed the arm and tail area.  First was superglue w iso-baking soda mix, then finished with milliput.20210704_124008.thumb.jpg.6683c91142ca321958c1bb4e5770d3e9.jpg20210704_124000.thumb.jpg.f33fc609648143074857e27db26b0642.jpg


Then primed... you'd never even know. 




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12 hours ago, JGF said:

The head of the cyclops from the Greek set would not fit into the body for me at all.  I had to boil the head for a good minute in order to soften the plastic enough to get it in.

I did get the Greek set. I fished out cyclops and tried dry-fitting him.


The head slid into place without problem. I did have to check where the key-notch was first, but with that aligned it went right in.

Glad you got it to fit.

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@JGFand @TGP i watched another unboxing video for Bones 5 (why? Because i like to punish myself) and noted that the angle of that cyclops' head is a little funny.  Fitting that with the necklace thing looks to be a slight turn-until-it-works issue.  Screenshot_20210711-091424_Chrome.jpg.7f6df9943dec95aa7119547118538e2d.jpg


Even though it looks dead-on, there definitely seemed to be some turning until fit was needed.  Then again... some of the parts just have to be cut, pinned, and filled.  


I hope it's just a matter of turning, though. 

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My giant box of shame hasn’t arrived yet, but someone in the KS comments pointed out that Arakoth’s legs are labeled in some way, on the sprue each leg is attached to, much like a sprue kit would be. 

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    • By R2ED
      I challenged myself to knocking one out in 40 minutes.  This was another pick from paint club, so I was wanting to get it done and get to another.  
      This little guy was fun to push with wet blending. It was hard for me to highlight only up to the pink, and man that stuff is a one coat and done!  Gotta really thin it out or it'll be cotton candy.   

      I ended up sticking to a 5 color rule.  My 5th color was the black brown on the nails.  It's not in the palette photo, but i did have some left on my palette from the orc chief earlier today.  
      I like the little belly and inner leg transition.  Wet blending for the win. 
      Really this would be more adorable than ominous.  Guess he'll just have to deal with the other gargoyles talking about him being the flamboyant one of the group.  "There goes Gorag again..." 

    • By R2ED
      Still cooking with gas this week.  Got another painted. 
      I still need to finish the back of his staff, paint his shoes, and base him, but major parts are done. 

      Nothing major learned this time.  Still getting my balance of colors and layering carefully.
      * green skin was fun and came out strong.  May need to go a wee bit lighter on the highlights. 
      * fur and skin on reverse side of cape was fun.  Tried to give it a tanned look. I think it may have come out a bit jaundice colored...oh well. Still like it. 
      *  wood grain on staff could be improved, but happy with it. 
      *  very carefully did the skulls.  Took about 5 or 6 passes at them, but they came out nicely shaded and subtle.  
      *  thank goodness i didn't have to do eyes.  His brow did the work for me. 
      * red color on the skull staff...meh.
      *  speaking of skull staff i went too far when i painted red and covered the jaw bone of the skull.  Whoops. Painted on.   Who'd notice if i didn't tell you?  Oh,wait.  Dang it.
      *  forgot to go back and highlight and contrast the teeth more. 
      I need a good base for this dude.  He came out strong.  I mean, not physically because he's an orc, i mean the paint job.  
      Got suggestions? 
      Here's the painting process.








    • By Chris Palmer
      One the past few weeks I have been working on the Zombie Dwarf Thanes from the Bones 5 "The Dwarf King's Crypt" Encounter set.   I ordered two of these Encounter sets, as I wanted doubles of some of the scenario pieces, as well as double the 3 zombie figures that came with the Encounter.
      To help make their appearance seem more varied, I swapped a hand between Thane #1 and Thane #2.   I also trimmed the circlets off some of their heads to try and make them look more like average Dwarves.
      (Edit: For some reason he photos uploaded out of order, so the backs of Thane #2 are shown after Thane #3 fronts, and the backs of Thane #3 are shown after Thane 2's fronts.)
      Thane #2


      Thane #1


      Thane #3


      The whole shambling gang

    • By R2ED
      I was focused on speed, not detail.  This was trying to work them with as few colors as possible.  The more I look at them, the more they look lik ea value sketch more than a painted model, but I'm looking for where to go with them.
      Another thing I need to know, is what do you all do with eye sockets?  How do you paint them or what do you do with them?
      For the woman zombie, I used an ink pen and am kind of miffed that it turned out than other eyes I put way more time into.  I know I can use this in conjunction with painting, but just dotting it came out pretty believable.  I think some of that is the fact it's a dead stare, so of course, just a wash and a dot does fine.  I would be curious to know how any one else uses the pens and paint in combo.
    • By R2ED
      It's the weekend and that means it's time to paint!
      Got two zombies up for some WIP.  
      I'll just start by saying - leave me any feedback you've got.  I'm open to hearing and improving from it.


      #1 - Buster Jaws
      * Really taking to this whole wet blending thing.  I used two colors further apart from each other in value and tried to test myself to push them together.  There's two different sets of this in both the pants and the shirt.  
      *  I am trying to keep the 'mother color' as I've heard it called in mind.  Since it's Halloween month, I figured orange would be a good one.  It was  hard to add it in to nearly all the colors, but it did come out well.
      *  Trying to push the bloody look on his shirt with some Magenta ink looks nice and fun (and gross).  My daughter was not fond of these two, which tells me I'm on the right path.
      *  Setting a goal of about 30 minutes for this was a tough one, but I think given the time I tried to do it in, limiting my palette, and pushing the colors worked great.
      *  Skin color.  It's just not dead enough.  Need suggestions on your favorite zombie and ghoul skin recipe.
      *  Hair.  What the hell does dead hair look like?  How can I make it look more "fresh out of the grave" and less "fresh out of the salon"?
      *  I attempted value sketching with ink and then overlaying a really lite wash of paint.  Not sure I dig it, but it worked.  Barely.  No pun intended.  You can see the value sketch below.
      Mr. I Suck At Dabbing
      *  This was actually the first of the wet blends so it didnt' get pushed as far, but the blending still worked great.  Speed, speed, speed!
      *  Knowing I have to give up a little of my detail to get a faster result is a good balance.
      *  I learned that this was where I could watch where the folds in the clothing were and step up the highlights in those area, which I applied to my following model.
      *  Eyes, hair, and skin again.  Not sure what I should have done different, but I know I should have done something.
      Here's the progress pictures (numbered)



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