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video stream camera for gaming


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If this isnt the right place hopefully someone will move it or transfer it, or tell me where it is.


we have a couple of my local game group that are leaving the nest for the first time.  They would like to continue gaming with us and I want to try and give them that table experience.  what I would like is a video device that gives the impression of sitting at the table and being able to see the group (not just the DM and the miniatures and the table.  depending on the camera, i may even have a piece of software that will allow them to interact and draw on the screen but that is at the bottom of my list.  right now i am looking for that 'present' experience.  need good sound collection but also good speakers that allow them to converse with the group.  my budget isnt extravagant but i can afford some good quality equipment.  what i cant afford is to keep trying until something works.


one of the issues i want to try and avoid is the inability to have multiple people talking if possible.  so many mics are not crisp enough to hear multiple conversations.  we can keep the background noise very low so we can disable the filtering but i want that natural feel of conversation in the room.  what i currently use works well as long as just me (the DM) or one person is speaking but as soon as there is a second conversation, you almost cant hear the primary conversation, and the second one is complete garbage.


anyone have a good suggestion for a rig that works at the table and allows you to share?  anyone have a recommendation for the other half of the rig that allows them to participate rather than just observe?  one of the people leaving is my eldest and the other is the daughter of one of our closest friends so we really would like to make the experience cool for them.


thanks for any suggestions.  


Added 2 pictures of the gaming area we typically play in.




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