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Slithy Toves (77198 & 77016)

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'Tis brillig, and these slithy toves are gyring and gimbling something FIERCE!


Reaper #77198 ("Barrow Rats" -- the big ones), and #77016 ("Rats" -- the small ones), with some epoxy putty to give them corkscrew noses and some base texture for the big ones.  (Shown on Secret Weapon Miniatures "Tablescapes" terrain -- "Rolling Fields" theme.)  In the center of this wabe (around a sundial, the grassy plot that goes a way before it, and a way behind it) is the requisite sundial -- in this case, an oddball piece I got from Miniature Market's "Tiny Terrain" line, modified by adding a gnomon with cardboard and more putty.

Kitbashed for a scenario for "Wonderland No More" (Savage Worlds RPG) for Necronomicon 2021 in Tampa, Florida.

Now I just need to do some reconstructive surgery on my Bones Jabberwock, so he'll stand up straight.  Mome raths should be fairly easy to make just by painting some pigs green.

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