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Bones 5 Kickstarter:

  • Please read any Kickstarter updates here.
  • If you are missing any pieces or have anything wrong with your order please email [email protected]
  • If you have not received and email, please check your pledge manager page and see if it has updated tracking into.
  • If you wish to change your shipping information mid-transit, you may do so by creating an account at UPS My Choice. (US)  
    • NA/SA: 100% pulling and shipping. Now we are processing S.O.D's (Short or damaged) and are working through those daily! 
    • UK/EU: Qoute from our Uk warehouse. Updated 8/5/2021

      We're 80% done with Wave 1 -- by far the largest wave. Only about 150 more parcels to go. Overall we are 34% done.
      We're experiencing a bit of a problem with our shippers. We've had to use three separate carriers just to approach our demand, and we're exceeding their capacity every day. Unfortunately, they're very slow to increase our pickup frequency (I think they're still dealing with reductions from Covid-19). So, we can pick faster than we can ship, but I'm working hard to get all that sorted out.


    • AUS: 75% done. Updated 8/4/2021. 

Reaper Pledge manager 5.5

  • We have re-opened the Reaper Pledge Manager for Bones 5! This is the last chance for anyone who missed the Kickstarter to get Bones 5 products at Kickstarter pricing.
  • Bones 5 Backers who did not finalize their pledges: please log into the Reaper Pledge Manager and finalize your Bones 5 order that you pledged for in 2019.
  • Anyone else: you MUST create a new account (old account log-in information will *not* work) and choose whatever you want. Forgot to order a Dark Depths Expansion? Now's your chance. Missed that dragon? Go get it now. Tell all your friends that missed out on Bones 5!
  • The Reaper Pledge Manager will only be open for a limited time. Right now that window looks like 90 days.
  • ALL ORDERS from this re-opening will ship in early 2022.
  • Limited Items: not everything from the Bones 5 Kickstarter is available.  If you don't see an item, it will be available at retail in 2022.


ReaperCon 2021
There is a ton of information regarding RC2021, below you can find a list of useful links and info! 


New Releases!!!! <~~~ Can be found here

Features, Current Events, & Contest:

  • A new page has been added to Reapermini.com. The new "Contest" page will allow us to run all the quarterly contest and any future contests through this page instead of through just Facebook. This will hopefully open up the field for more people to participate and be involved with these events. There are so many possibilities from having judges with the new Judge notes system, wider variety of different types of contests, & so much more! Head on over and check out the new 19th quarterly contest page for rules and information! 
  • The third quarter of the Reaper Challenge League is starting strong, with Q2 having the most amount of points and entries entered into it. We are starting to get a solid grip on how many pop-up events and what prizes to over at the end of the quarter. This has been a true inspiration and a fun event to hold so if you haven't checked it out yet we suggest you do so! 


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    • By Reaper_Jon
      Greetings all,
      This is Ed Pugh making this post~
      This weekend, I sat down and read several weeks’ worth of posts. (I would like to call out Andrew Miller and his post made to the tune of John Lennon’s song “Imagine”. Fun stuff!) 
      I would like to thank ALL of the people making comments here. I especially focused on comments made by upset backers. Your comments are helpful, and this is how we learn. We might not be able to fix everyone’s problems at this time, but they will all be addressed in future planning discussions. 
      Now down to business. I’m making this post because I realized last night that in the rush to get everything going, no one was assigned to monitor the KS comments. In the past, that duty fell on the shoulders of Matt Clark, but he retired last year. That’s on us and we will have someone dedicated to poking their head in here.
      UPDATES: “Official” updates occur twice a month on the KS Updates Section. Everything that is important is in these updates.
      We will also answer questions, show pictures, promote, and discuss the KS on all our social media platforms. Because a lot can occur during the two-week intervals between Official Updates, many pictures, discussions, and information not contained in the prior Official Update will show up on these social media sites.
      In the end, if ALL you read are the Official Updates you will receive more than enough information to be up to date. 
      While this is not an official update, I’m going to shed some light on a few things.
      1) What should I do about defects, missing parts, or missing order items?
      Send an email to our customer service department at [email protected] Our team will take care of you.
      2) UPS just sent me a notification that my order is going to my old address. What should I do?
      Go to UPS MyChoice and redirect it https://www.ups.com/us/en/services/tracking/mychoice.page?
      3) What are the EU and UK start dates?
      We are confirming AU is still July 5th. The UK has their container and is getting ready, but no hard date at this moment. We will have one next week.
      4) Where is the last container for the US Warehouse?
      The last container is still stuck in Los Angeles.
      We are working each day to break this log jam. I hope for word on Tuesday when everyone returns back to work. 
      5) Why are some Waves going back and forth?
      Shipments are combined and stacked in the order pulling queue. They are then printed in batches. “Wave hopping” sometimes does occur. Simple examples that can cause this are the picker/puller grabs a pull ticket from the wrong stack or from the back of the stack (printed pull tickets are stacked in a tray on their sides). We try our best. The good news is that we are usually done pulling in a few weeks.
      6) Why is Canadian shipping different this time?
      We have used UPS to get shipments into Canada every KS except KS1. UPS prepares shipping options based on the data for Canada. Location, package count, sizes, weights etc. They in turn present the options to us. We will generally choose the cheapest option that still balances service with price.
      In the past it was cheaper for us to use the service in which we imported the packages to ourselves as a non-resident importer. This option required Reaper to pay the 5% GST as the importer. We were unable to collect or bill backers for the 5% GST we paid as we are not registered with Canada to collect anything. In summary, it was cheaper for us to pay the GST to send your package.
      I do not know what changed between Canada and the USA, but this time the service we used in the past was substantially more expensive than direct service. Direct service is a better option and came with better tracking and UPSMyChoice. There are NO duties on US products. In the end, you are paying your local sales tax and GST and an entry fee based on the size of your order.
      I want to thank everyone for their participation and support of the Kickstarter. Please continue to post your comments. They do all get read. Please stay safe~
    • By Dr.Bedlam
      The last time I felt like God was back around 1984, ‘85, or so.
      I was working for the news department in the campus radio station. On my first day, they showed me the Zombie Wire, the AP ticker where periodically, a bell would ring and the teletype would begin spitting out copy. My job was to rewrite the copy into short lucid bursts suitable for the news reader to read live on the air. One bell meant a standard news feed. Two bells, something important; a Presidential speech, a bank robbery, something. If TWELVE bells were heard, at an odd time, it was something of TRANSCENDENTAL importance, World War III, or something.
      Whole time I worked there? Never more than two bells.
      But that semester, they’d installed a new toy: the AP Newsfeed. It ran off this “Internet” thing, a continuous signal, through the phone lines via a dedicated modem at a lightning fast 56k, into a green CRT monitor at the news desk. Since I was usually the only person in the office, I got to monkeying with it one afternoon in an idle moment.
      And it utterly shocked me to my core.
      I quickly learned how to sweep various AP outlets in various locations, various countries, EVERY major city on the planet, and I realized I could access NEWS, in REAL TIME... everywhere.
      This was a jolt. CNN existed by then, but it was a rather new thing, and simply rebroadcast the news every half hour, with any fresh happenings plugged in. Most people still got daily newspapers, or just watched the Six O’Clock News on their local stations. But I could access the soccer scores in Nice, France, examine police blotters in Barcelona, Glasgow, and Zurich, and get neighborhood reports from Nairobi, with nothing less than fifteen minutes old, if I wished it. Anything on THIS side of the iron curtain? I could know it in seconds. All as fast as it took me to read that little eye murdering green CRT screen.

      No one... ANYWHERE... was as well informed as I was. Except the other newsmen, sifting the AP feed for copy for their next broadcast. The entire PLANET was under MY SCRUTINY, for as long as I cared to WATCH it!
      No graphics, no video, just text. But I still felt like God.
      Today, I have color, high resolution, video, audio, and the iron curtain ain’t there any more.
      And nowadays, I feel more ill informed than ever...

    • By ub3r_n3rd
      Since this is about Kickstarter, I am posting this article in this section.
      Fundraising site Kickstarter drops Amazon for payments
      By Deepa Seetharaman   SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Crowdsourced fundraising site Kickstarter has dropped Amazon.com Inc as its global payments processor in favor of Stripe, the fast-growing startup used by Twitter Inc, Facebook Inc and Apple Inc.
      The switch comes as the Internet retailer begins to move clients from its customizable checkout service to an Amazon-branded one.
      In a blog post on Tuesday, Kickstarter said it made the switch after Amazon decided to drop its Flexible Payments Service, which allows a company to develop its own checkout process. The new Amazon-branded Login and Pay service does not offer as much flexibility.
      Amazon's payments division has processed more than $1 billion in Kickstarter pledges and had worked with the site even before its launch in 2009. An Amazon spokesman declined to comment.
      Some analysts have said Amazon has been held back in payments because merchants are wary of handing over customer data to the company, which is rapidly expanding into new areas and competing with sellers.
      In early December, Stripe raised $70 million from Sequoia Capital and other investors that valued the startup at $3.5 billion, double from a year earlier.
      (Reporting by Deepa Seetharaman; Editing by Richard Chang)
    • By Pingo
      Phew. Reaper Kit announced shortly after midnight Texas time that the forums will be being migrated to a new server today and offline for a little while.
      (I am not officially anything or in the loop, so the rest of this is deductions.)
      I am guessing they need to deal with exponentially increased site traffic owing to the wildly successful first and now second Bones kickstarter.
      Yesterday's Bones II opening day blew past a lot of goals, possibly faster than they expected. At the moment (5:30 AM Texas time, less than a full day after launch), the pledge totals are over a million dollars.
      If their site is offline for part of today, people may be concerned. So Kit gave us a heads-up.
      I have no idea how long this has been in the planning stages, but knowing how forethoughtful the Reaper folks are I am guessing it's been a contingency for a while.
      I would guess it was triggered by yesterday's massive activity. Better to be offline for a brief time on Kickstarter Day 2 than strain the servers and risk crashing as hundreds of new people show up.
      I don't think he said when they would be porting the forums (I'll double check in a second). So whenever it is, see you at the new place.
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