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Bones V Shavynra - WIP

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First time posting here, spurred by the arrival of my Bones V minis last Friday.


Planning to work my way through the big dragons, starting with Shavynra. Only a casual painter, so this won't reach the high standards set by other here I'm afraid. But keen to join in the fun and welcome (gentle) suggestions.


First up, base coat:


Shavynra _ Blue Dragon _ photo1.jpg

And a first pass at shading and dry-brushing the blue, and layering the underbelly.


Shavynra _ Blue Dragon _ photo2.jpg

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6 hours ago, mousekiller said:

I love dragons now!  Great start!


Thank you 🙂 I have to admit your fabulous red made me a little nervous about posting this one - especially those wings!

5 hours ago, Neatpete said:



Great start you have here, already looking good!


how’d the back right leg work out for you? Mine is off a good 3/4 inch or so.


Thank you! The back right leg is a tiny bit off, but only by a millimetre or two. 

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Some further progress.


Definitely needs a lighter dry brush on the underbelly - probably yellowed bone.


Still not sure whether to leave the blue alone, or go for some further light blue highlights there too...


Shavynra _ Blue Dragon _ photo4.jpg

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Further progress! Additional highlighting on the blue (though some of the scales need a little more work), and some additional work elsewhere too. Getting close now...


(Apologies for the poor photos - trying to get the lighting sorted, but it feels like underlit or overlit are the current options 😬).


Shavynra _ Blue Dragon _ photo7.jpg

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