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Marvel United - A Painting Adventure by Talae

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I recently backed the X-Men version of this game on Kickstarter and that prompted me to get the retail game. I have decided to try and paint it up before we play the game. 


Here is my progress so far. First I used my airbrush to prime black and then a zenithal white spray.



I chose the minis with flesh showing and started painting those. 



Then I worked on Captain Marvel - all done except the flesh needs some highlights, the base needs to be painted, and then some misc touch ups.




Captain America is up next and here is the progress so far:





What do you think? Doing alright after spending months not painting?

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Started Black Widow tonight because I can't seem to finish my minis before starting more, lol.


Eyes are done but everything else still needs more highlights. I am likely to pull the hair up into more of an orange.



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Switched back to Hulk for some blending work. The highlights are kind of washed out here, but maybe I should overcompensate and bump them up another notch anyway. Thoughts?





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