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My stash will arrive today!

I haven't done a WIP in a very long time , something I intend to remedy.

I am extremely excited to get my hands on my contribution to Bones 5, the Whispering Ghoulsbane. Maybe more so than any prior piece I have made. Seeing as how I don't actually have the mini in had at this moment, Id thought I'd fill this space with some history about the concept.


I like to watch reviews for feedback on pieces I've made (and learned a lot).  A few review waffled on what the thing was, exactly. Part of me revels in this ambiguity -it is what you want it to be. That said it does have a mundane monster  origin story.......wait, say, lets make a game of it!


Which "old school" monster served as the primary inspiration for the Whispering Ghoulsbane? take a guess.


Wait wait wait! it's here, at this very moment! Delivery! let the prepping begin.

Step 1: Open the bag.


That is all for now.

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Some minor progress.

1) Cleaned up mold lines

2) Made some polymer clay rocks

3) Glued everything to a reaper base (inverted)

4) cleaned up gaps and the edge with GS, and used the leftover to make a vine on the base.


Still some additional work to do on the base texture before I move on to painting.


O.K.... this beast finds its creative origin in the Fiend Folio....

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I made some additional progress last night.

- Added some additional bone texture to the base with GS.

- used some wood filler to blend the bones into the base

- primed with red liner

- base coated and added a wash or two.

moving fast.



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I have had a busy week so far, but I managed to squeeze in two more brief sessions to start on some color work.

I spaced out during one of them and the other side of the mini was neglected, so it is in sorry shape. I'll have to focus on it during my next session to get it caught up.


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Posted (edited)

I am going to keep it more plant like, similar to the Sussurus that inspired it, so I will continue to work on some bark like texture and bring more browns into it.



I do plan on trying an OSL effect in the eyes of the heads, for some visual appeal. like an eyes-in-the-dark type vibe



An "energy" paint job would be really cool; as though the body were a manifestation of some sort.

A bone colored tumbleweed version would be super fast to paint, so that was tempting.

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Posted (edited)

It has been a bit since my last update and I have had a rough go of it.

My boys broke into my painting stash and my brushes were out of commission, and it took nearly a week to replace them.

Since then I have been mucking around with the colors trying to get the greens just right, and picking out a handful of skulls I missed on the first pass (im sure I still missed a few).


While I was working on colors, a dilemma crept in - What about the OSL eyes? I tried red, purple, and green. the green is pictured here. It lacks the contrast of the red (which really popped) but is nice and glow-y nonetheless. The red looked...hot? though, and I wasn't sure if it fit. The purple was very nice but just read too subtle. So, before I commit, I'd like to get some feedback: what should I do with the eyes? should I drop the glow altogether? the dark sockets were effective.....




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Looks good.....and creepy.  Thanks for the pics, I could not tell what that figure was supposed to be, thought maybe it was missing a head. Now I see it has skulls and ....vines?  Very nightmarish. 


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Posted (edited)

Nightmarish is definitely the vibe I was going for. My interpretation was vines, but the original description of the sussurus is ambiguous, referring to it as an exoskeleton, so it could really be painted as any material. a glass or gem effect could be striking.

The previous suggestion of painting it like energy is a nice interpretation as well. With the right paintjob I think it would make an excellent "caller in darkness."

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