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Soviet City Town Sign - Zona Alfa

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After deliberating wether or not we would play Necromunda my hooby friend and i have decided to probably play zona alfa in the near future. GW did some really scummy moves during the last week so why should i support them even if Necromunda is affordable? Zona alfa is still cheaper then Necromunda. Also a cool system, and allows us to play semi coop/coop games.


So after finding on etsy a miniature shop called "Patrick Miniatures" who had a lot of 3d printed inofficial zona alfa stuff (cant linkbecause of "awesome" forum rules) i decided to "borrow" his idea of a soviet city style town sign and do a cheap knock off version myself. The name of the original town in Kyrill letters is "Pripyat" which is a throwback to the Stalker PC games i believe.


Here the original thing whos idea i "borrowerd:.



I decided now to do my own version but soon i hit a roadblock. How to do with cardboard the russian letters. Especially the P and A letters were a big problem since you have to cut out something in the middle of the letters which soon proved not to be possible with the material at hand. So i said "eff it!" and started to make some random kyrill letters which i was sure if they were combined in the end would sound cool and menacing russian and tschernobylesque. So i started to make letters and combined them:









Ptgitscho... :ik_oops:


that could have gone better... why is this name not sounding as cool as Pripyat?


Ah who cares! Pripyat is for wannabe hipster kids. The real cool guys play in the eastern european nuclear wasteland city of Ptgitscho!!! :winkthumbs:


And this is how the proud town sign of Ptgitscho came to be:












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There's no A, it's Я (ya).

It's the city next to Chernobyl nuclear plant that blew up in 1986. Still a ghost town at present time. The Stalker game does take place around there (I believe, never played).

Trying to read your sign in Russian, it says


Where i looks more like a broken off letter with its pieces missing, because there is no such letter in the present day Russian language. There used to be about a 100 years ago, but that's a different story 😊

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