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    • By rubegon
      As commanded by the very, well, commanding @Glitterwolf, I’m going to paint this big boy.  I’ve been eyeing him on the corner of my desk for months now, and to be honest I’m a little afraid of him.  He’s probably going to look somewhere between terrible and mediocre by the time I’m done, but at least he won’t be grey anymore.
      I’m probably going to use the airbrush that I barely know how to operate quite a bit.
      I think we’re going to need a bigger brush ...
      I only have up to a size 2, which I guess would be like mowing the grass with nail clippers.  Should I get a size ... 4?
      All are very welcome to critique/comment/heckle/throw tomatoes/etc.  I need and will be very grateful for any advice and assistance I receive, but please don’t be too disappointed if it doesn’t do very much good.

    • By Lidless Eye
      Just a rock-tossin' Hill Giant by Gale Force 9.

    • By Maglok
      So to honour our most venerable Buglips I decided to follow suit in naming this thread. I just aquired a really awesome model. No like seriously awesome.
      Here it is.

      Cookie who knows what it is! Might be slightly harder then when I grab a Bones mini to paint.
      I am going to give this one the full treatment. It will probably take me months to finish, but that is just fine. :)
      Remove mold channels, wash it all up, try to put it together, etc. It has been a while since I have done a full step by step WIP, so I figured lets do it on a awesome miniature.
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