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Home of the Grumpy Gnome… various on going projects you might find interesting

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My wife and I have various tabletop gaming projects on the go. I am basically trying to play catch up after over 20 years out of the hobby, having spent those years focusing on PC gaming.


My latest update was just posted today…



An ogre, some corsairs and some scatter terrain plus some discussion of the tv shows Sweet Tooth and Knightfall. As always feedback, questions, suggestions and advice are welcome!



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Top Posters In This Topic

This week’s update… with topics from Frostgrave to Blacklist Games miniatures and more.




As always feedback is most welcome! I would love to hear back from folks on here. Feedback on the blog is what prompted the model reworks I did and I think they look better for it.



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One of the downsides to the blog is the awkwardness of the commenting section…. So replies are very welcome here. I would enjoy getting feedback. Comments have helped me improve my figures.


And I hope you enjoy reading the blog. I have learned a lot about the hobby online and I hope to be returning the favor by sharing information with others.


Since I gave up Facebook the blog is where I open up about things, generally just related to the hobby but sometimes my thoughts do wander.

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