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Grumpy Gnome

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Those are some good looking figures, and the reviews on the blog were excellent, thank you!


I'm particularly impressed by the Archon Studios stuff you showed. I don't know if I want to do a late pledge to grab some of it, or wait and see wait the new KS will have.

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12 hours ago, Grumpy Gnome said:

I have just written a lengthy blog post asking the question… what new genre should I do now that I have won some auctions with some 20th Century miniatures and vehicles…


World War 2?
Weird War 2?
Atomicpunk/Dieselpunk Fallout?
Worldwar (Alien Lizardfolk invasion)

Something else?


Do you have anyone to play any of those games with?

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On 12/14/2021 at 12:57 AM, Grumpy Gnome said:

However, at this stage I am figuring it will most likely be solo gaming for this project.

That being the case, which do you think you'd most enjoy building/converting/painting models for?


I would be inclined to pick whichever one has the biggest crossover potential. For example doing them as WW2 would allow you to play WW2 games, and with a few slight tweaks you could also game Weird WW2.

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