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Boxes for storing and transporting terrain

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I've been messing about with some foamboard to convert the boxes used to deliver my mom's medicine every month into a system for storing terrain and transporting it to the FLGS.  This is the second attempt.  The carboard trays I first went with worked but they were a pain to get into and out of the boxes.


Here are some trays over a box.  Half sheets of foamboard are almost exactly the right size.  I trim them a bit so they go in a little easier.   I'm not sure how much stronger they are but the Elmer's sheets feel a lot more premium than the cheaper ones which were the only ones in Walmart the first time I went shopping for them. 




In my imagination these double strips of foamboard serve as stiffeners, handles and supports for trays stacked on top.  




Both the boxes and the trays designated to be stacked upon. have column of styrofoam in the corners.  The styrofoam comes from the coolers that keep the medicine cool in transit. There is terrain in the box under that tray but now I'm wondering if it wouldn't be more conveinient if terrain wasn't put into the box at all and instead everything went in trays.




So far this seems useful but to get the most out of it I need to curb to try to make terrain with as much height as possible.

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That's a lot like what I've done for a lot of my older terrain. Reinforce boxes with foamcore or other cardboard. Though mine tended to use the boxes that printer paper is shipped/sold in, my mother worked at a school before she retired and I could get a few a week because they just got rid of them or repurposed them themselves for storage. Not I get one every few months with just what I use and occasionally what family members go through.

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