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Bones V Valfuryx - WIP

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Got the basecoat done. Wasn't sue how the greens I have to hand might work; still not sure about the duller green on the small scales.


May tweak (and perhaps break up some of the single colour blocks) before I go further... As ever, aiming for table rather than competition standard (which is way beyond my abilities anyway 😄).


Valfuryx _photo2.jpg

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Posted (edited)
9 hours ago, Kuroneko said:

Looking good! I think that the dull green works well, it gives a nice transition from the brighter belly scales to the dark ridges on the back.

Thanks! I think I'll keep it like that 🙂 Work's been too busy for painting this week, but looking forward to getting some more done at the weekend...

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Some further progress.


Fins next, as well as the arm and leg scales and the face. Think the back scales could do with some more contrast at the edges too, and a bit more work on the base. Getting closer though!


Valfuryx _photo5.jpg

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