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Playtesting New Warlord Faction...Elementalist Brotherhood

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So this is basically a 2-tiered faction.   All of the leaders are spellcasters and everyone else is an elemental creature.    Casters can command ANY type of elemental, they can only cast to heal elementals that match their same tome.   There is also some thinking of letting a caster heal themselves by inflicting damage on a like tome elemental under their command (perhaps at a 1 pt heal/2 pts inflicted)...this really has only been tried in a couple of games..mixed feelings on it.   So let me know what you think and shoot me any ideas as to faction equipment and spells that you think are balanced enough to playtest.


Would also love your feedback on the factions, but PLEASE if you have an observation, please present along with it YOUR corrections to the observed flaws.

Elementalist Brotherhood faction.pdf

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