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Who wants to be a werewolf? Raise your hand.


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It's the weekend, so you know what time it is...




Along with all the Bones 5 I bought, there was a special on some Zombicide minis that were just too good to not buy.  This is one of the many that are in there, and I'm stoked to get this one done.






* Continuing my use of drybrushing and being very successful.  Did an overbrush this time to start with a dark brown.  Then drybrushed to orange brown.  Then lightened up to buff.  Worked great!

*  Saving the last color for last - flat flesh.  I mixed this with matte medium and watered it down to kind of filter it and just use it to highlight the base colors.  Big win!

*  Went back around with some nuln oil to darken down just the deep recesses and area between the muscles.  Starting to use the washes sparingly and only in very specific areas.  Also getting a better grasp on using which wash for what job.  

*  Used Agrax Earthshade to create a transition between the fur and the body.  Win!

*  The fur was the same 2 base colors as the skin, but then lightened up with gray.  Then taking the gray up another notch with white very lightly.  Then EVEN LIGHTER adding white in peaks and areas near the face.  

*  The mouth is a combination of brown, then a purple ink, then breast cancer awareness pink mixed with a little of that purple to get the tongue.  Looks nice and dangerous!



*  I had another hard time with the nails on this guy.  I didn't want them dark, nor did I want them too dirty looking, so I had to use something lighter.  I feel like the grey is a fail, but it blends in.  

*  Eyes were a mix of bone white, gray, and black dot.  Not impressed with it.  Something ominous and glowing would be better. 

*  Got a little carried away on the werewolf's left ribcage.  I was using the drybrush to find the volumes, but thought, hey that needs some highlighting.  Wrong.  Right above the ribs there's a bit too much buff color.  Wah wah.


This guy came out great.  Even with a few errors in there, I'm super happy with the results and love using the matte/paint mix to blend in.  


As always - I love and grow from any feedback.  Send it my way - I gain a lot from it.20210807_180721.thumb.jpg.f8ed46668cf5ad2516fa3312d6726ef0.jpg20210807_180654.thumb.jpg.ba72241c5afd02d471896d902b8279df.jpg20210807_181803.thumb.jpg.d921052a2acc18f3d05bd0171743abb7.jpg

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