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Bones V Rakshasas: sculpt C. Van Patten, paint D. Schubert


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3 hours ago, Inarah said:

Is the male holding something in his teeth? Or is that an effect of the camera angle?  Can we get close ups of the faces?  Beautiful work. 


That looks to be a piece of his necklace, if you look on the other side of his head.


Beautiful work Derek and such great freehand!

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Extra-fancy indeed, the freehand are outstanding. I especially like the pattern on the male pants. Its dagger scabbard and the details of the elegant belt pouch are also amazing.


I first thought the thumbs were not sculpted properly but after reading lore about rakshasa I understood why. Upon closer inspection, their hands are reversed; the palms of its hands are where the backs of a hand would be on a human. Because of this, they grab items in the opposite direction of a human.

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Thanks, folks!


@Inarah and @72moonglum : Right, it's just this camera angle that makes the cylindrical part of the necklace look like a blue-and-gold cigar. 😉

Face close-ups:





@AlonTey : Yeah, they both had some pernicious mold lines (his left foot, his right biceps & chest, her right sleeve/elbow, etc.), which required a bit of work with the knife, some glopping on of brush-on gloss sealer or other thick paint as gap-fillers ... and then some carefully planned camera angles to hide the lines!  So don't worry if you did the mold lines to "good enough", because "perfect" would probably take another hour or two.

My mind raced with so many other color schemes and patterns (rich reds? jewel-like greens? cloth-of-gold? diaphanous translucent silks?), but ultimately I had to choose one and leave the rest as "could've been"s.  One of the great things about these minis is that the clean sculpting lets you either show off how smooth your blends can be or experiment with some wild freehand.  I look forward to seeing your rendition, since it's bound to be different from mine.


@Neatpete and @Metalchaos and @KruleBear : Thank you!  For the trousers, I did a few web-searches on Indian textiles for inspiration, and paisley came up on one, so then I searched specifically for paisley patterns and found one that I liked.  I simplified the shapes from that pattern, and simplified the colors to 3 (red-purple, green-blue, and gold), but it still took about 3-4 hours (right leg in a 2-hour session, then left leg the next day -- he's a regular guy who gets his pants painted one leg at a time, just like the rest of us!).  And another online pattern inspired the freehand for the center panel of the front hanging cloth.

The details on the male's dagger scabbard are all sculpted there, so I just had to decide how to place my highlights to accentuate those shapes.


And yes ... IIRC, mythical rakshasas had a variety of shapes or deformities, but someone among the D&D designers over the years latched onto "reversed fingers" as the main one.

So then I wonder: how are the muscles of their forearms different? and the bones of the hand, and the ulna & radius, too?!  The mind boggles.

All right, who is up for the challenge of converting a rakshasa skeleton mini?







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OMG I was literally looking online yesterday to see if I could find a good Rakshasa model and wasn't finding what I wanted. I didn't know that it was in the fan favorites, so when I saw yours I quickly checked my late-pledge bones order to see if I had ordered it. Whew! I did! That model rocks. And thank you dks for your breakdown on the paint job, I will be using as my guide as soon as I get mine. (Mine won't turn out was well as yours, but I can try.)

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