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Bones V Rakshasas: sculpt C. Van Patten, paint D. Schubert


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Thanks again!


@Iridil : Yes, I wanted the colors to be different from how I would paint a weretiger or a were-cheetah.  Rather than being animal-colored all over, their bodies are mostly human skin tones but with hints of the animal colors and patterns (tiger orange-red with stripes, cheetah golden-brown with spots).


@RogaDanar: Great relief!  I look forward to seeing how you paint yours -- please share here on the Forum and/or Discord.


@zoroaster100 : There are tips and tricks about freehand on clothing (and classes offered at ReaperCon over the years).  One hint is that different kinds of freehand may be easier or harder to paint on different kinds of clothing!  For example, the paisley pattern worked well on these pants because I could make the shapes sprawl across the folds and billows, and they disappear into shadow along the inner seam of each leg, whereas it would have been harder to plot out a geometric arrangement of lines or symbols over all those folds.  And yes, if you've painted a nice blend on an article of clothing, it can be scary to risk ruining it with freehand -- well, "ruining" is an exaggeration, since really it means having to spend more time fixing the mistakes or repainting it -- but at some point you take the plunge and do it.  Some people feel more comfortable if they follow a pattern and they practice drawing or painting the shapes on paper first, while other people enjoy making it up as they go along, sketching and scribbling right on the mini.



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