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I have wanted to paint 03073: Sarah the Seeress since I saw her on the Reaper site.  This figure has been in my mini stash since July 2017.  Now it's time to paint her.


My goal is to have her ready in time for ReaperCon.  This will be close.


This is her current status:


(click on the pictures for larger versions)


  • Face and skin need work.  Eyes might be fine.
  • Hair needs some improvement.
  • Dress has shadows and highlights but the blending is rough.
  • TIghts, boots, packs, and netting around the bottle are basecoated.
  • Tights are probably too bright.  I suppose I could paint dark stripes on them to break them up.  (Oh joy!  Stripes!)
  • Necklace, belt buckle, bracelets, and bottle haven't been painted yet.
  • Basing is incomplete.  The front of the base needs more ballast/flock.  I haven't decided if I will repaint the ballast.


Let's see what we end up with.  Gold would be nice - but I'm not getting my hopes up.


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Top Posters In This Topic

Did shadows and highlights for her lace, tights, boots, belt, and packs.



(click on the pictures for larger versions)


Good: Her tights no longer stand out as much.


Needs improvement (in addition to what I posted earlier):

  • Highlights definitely need to be brought higher on her robe and hair.
  • Her belt and left pack could use more work.

My plan is to do the small bits of NMM and redo her skin before I revisit highlights elsewhere.

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She is coming along well.


Have you read Rhonda Bender's recent 2-part blog post "Tips for Contest Entries"?  https://birdwithabrush.com/blog/

Check it out and see how you would apply her tips to this model.


I'm usually on the team of ReaperCon judges for the Open Division (heavy conversions & scratch-sculpts), but sometimes we also judge a portion of the Painter's Division.  Painter's has 2 or 3 other teams on it.  This mini will go into Painter's.

If you're really gunning for a Gold, know what the judges will be looking for, and strive to get as high as you can in all criteria.   Gold doesn't mean "perfect", but it still has to be great overall.

You can (re-?)read the rules and the scoring breakdown here: https://reapercon.com/contestrules

Painter's Division:

  Difficulty     5%
  Creativity     10%
  Workmanship     10%
  Painting Skill     70%
  Presentation     5%

For a detailed breakdown of why I would award a Silver medal to one of my gaming models, check my October 22 post in this thread: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/83152-14089-aundine-conversion-pale-maiden-of-the-waves/  

You can also go through the galleries of past ReaperCon MSP Opens, and make a mental library of which figures got Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals, for honest comparison to your own figures.  (Note that although we try to be consistent in our standards, some teams may be easier or harsher, and sometimes a figure awarded Gold by one team might look worse than a figure awarded Silver by another.)


More thoughts for your Sarah...

Difficulty: That is, the ambitiousness of the sculpted figure, without paint.  This score is set once you've started painting.  Sarah is a nice clean model, but not the best for a contest entry because she's so simple -- I would say at most 3 out of 5.  OK, accept it and carry on.  Next year, you might choose a harder figure (more intricate and/or bigger) to get the extra points here.

Creativity: "Creativity comes into consideration [in] this division in the use of original color schemes, free hand designs and other elements painted onto the mini that were not part of the original sculpt."  Distinctive lighting effects would also count.  It is often harder to get high Creativity points on a model with low Difficulty (simple and/or small, so not much latitude to be creative).  How would you reckon the Creativity score of Sarah now, and what could you do to get more points?

Workmanship: Often a freebie for the full 10 points if you've removed all the mold-lines and corrected any casting errors.  I don't see any problems, but you can be sure that the judges will look closely. 

Painting Skill: This is 70% of the total, so do all that you can to get the full score.  Really go over all your blends and delineations, under magnification.  Find any rough spots or mistakes and fix them.  Add fingernails and color in her eyes to show off.

Presentation: This includes the basing.  How do you think a flat gaming base with ballast rates, compared to the bases of some other contest entries in the past?


So ... check those links for reference, see how you can improve your scores, and keep going.



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Thank you for the feedback!  At this point, my goal is simply to do the best I can.


Basing is one of my weak points.  I'm not done with the base yet - but, no, it's not going to be an amazing base.


(I have a lot of complicated feelings but this isn't the place for them.)



Anyway!  Here's where we are.  NMM is mostly done (needs some touch up), leather bracers are done (or I think they're supposed to be bracers), some texturing work on her right bag.  I tried redoing her face, which then led into redoing her eyes, which then led to... Yeah.  You know how it is.



(click on the pictures for larger versions)


I don't think she liked my paint job.  She's scowling at me.  (I think that's because the shadows over her eyes are so dark.)


What's up next:

  • Her eyes still need a little adjustment.  Her right eye should be a touch rounder and her left should be a little further to her right.
  • Her face still needs work.  And eyebrows.
  • Fixing up the NMM on her right bracelet (and necklace, if there's time)
  • Fixing up her hair (mostly adding contrast)
  • Adding more contrast to her dress
  • Her bottle and its leather mesh.
  • Working on her base

13 days (including today) to go...

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Since I have insomnia, let's talk about what I've been calling her bottle.  I think it's meant to be an orb.


It's the bit in netting off her belt to the left.




There aren't enough details on the sculpt to definitely say what it should be.  It looks spherical.  It's probably not a bottle because it doesn't have a neck.  If the neck were hidden under her sleeve, there should be a curve to suggest a neck.  It could be a mace, with the shaft hidden under her sleeve, but I'd expect to see a hint of the shaft in the crook of her elbow.  (This is still an option if you wanted to paint her as a drow - the netting could be painted like a spiderweb motif.)


I'm going with it's an orb.  This is one of three figures for Sarah the Seeress.  The other two, 02030 (sculpted by Sandra Garrity), and 03354 (metal)/77210 (Bones) (sculpted by Julie Guthrie), hold an orb.  Calling it an orb makes sense based on the shape and ties this figure in to the other two.


Of course, it could also be a grapefruit.  Or a coconut.

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Since I last posted, I:

  • Increased the highlights of her dress
  • Increased the highlights of her hair
  • Painted the orb black in preparation for painting it
  • Stripped her face and repainted it
  • Painted the rocks on her base
  • Applied some green flock to the base - which looks an awful lot like moss.
  • Realized I had no real plan for the base - and maybe the ballast wasn't a great idea.  But here we are.

I was hoping to paint more tonight but work intervened.  So here's pictures from this morning:

1650921773_20210823RPR03073Front66.jpg.f5fce21e2cd2e9f4c561f4a54d5dad8c.jpg531056003_20210823RPR03073Left66.jpg.c953bc284c3c60f0c876f82ef58e6afe.jpg  1715227818_20210823RPR03073Rear66.jpg.1771841ecdb76eb815e88fc921fe961d.jpg876979124_20210823RPR03073Right66.jpg.bce3941740b57cd1150d5db510c93bf1.jpg432114073_20210823RPR03073Offset66.jpg.adfc9e974be42d263690ecf5940360e2.jpg

(as always, click on the pictures for larger versions)


The to-do list looks mostly the same as before:

  • Adjust her eyes slightly.
  • Increase highlights on her face
  • Fixing up the NMM on her right bracelet
  • Her orb
  • The rest of the base work
  • Repaint the rim of her base.
  • If there's time:
    • Change her expression to something other than quizzical
    • Fix the NMM on her bracelet
    • Fingernail polish on her right hand.  (Her left hand's fingertips are obscured.)

What do you think so far?  Is there anything that's not on my to-do list that should be?

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To-do list is clear.  Everything's painted and basing is finished.


I'm too tired to assess the figure so I'll do that tomorrow.


1168468709_20210829RPR03073Offset66.jpg.e8431389e393642d93b0c49a1e5e25be.jpg1210387525_20210829RPR03073Left66.jpg.25db68da3d2fa167aa93284d5d838ae5.jpg  1799513289_20210829RPR03073Rear66.jpg.1ce9c7af9d182aa75ba5ac25e242b6b9.jpg102007449_20210829RPR03073Right66.jpg.afef8db269aaa50a85f2cc375275b19b.jpg

(click on the pictures for larger versions)


Anyone see something glaringly obvious that needs to be fixed?  (Other than her left eye.)


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