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3d-Printed Sailing Ships

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Our AD&D group are about to take to the high seas, and that being the case, I thought it might be useful to print a couple of ships.


They're both from Printable Scenery; the top one is their fluyt, a small square-rigged merchant ship of Dutch origin, and the bottom is a lateen-rigged dhow, an all-purpose Arabic type used from the North African coast right over to India and beyond. I haven't given them any masts or sails, because they'd just get in the way in their use as gaming terrain. We'll just have to imagine masts and sails. I also haven't given them any cannon, since I don't hold with those sorts of shenanigans in my AD&D games. That's what wizards are for.


They've both been printed on my Ender 3 in eSun PLA. The figures are various 28mm fantasy miniatures; I don't have much in the way of actual sailor-men, though I think I've got a few pirates from the last Reaper Kickstarter I went in for; I shall have to dig them out. 


I put this in the Terrain sub-board, because that's how they're going to be used.

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Here we have the sloop, a single-masted vessel, 300mm (about a foot) long, not including the bowsprit.


Nearly done with the actual 3d printing, just the frigate to go. I've still got to get paint on to the brig, skiff, and a couple of eight-oar longboats: at the moment they're just primed. Apart from that, it will all be just messing about with bits of dowel and some rudimentary rigging.



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The Brig.
In scale, this would be a pretty tiny brig. The crew complement of a Napoleonic brig-of-war was about 130 men, and cramming 130 28mm figures on to this model would be challenging, to say the least.

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