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Bus and Train info from airport


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Someone brought up a good point about riding the train and such to ReaperCon from the Airport. So i gathered some resources for anyone that would want to take this mode of travel! 

DFW international Airport >>> Bachman Station (connection to Green line) >>> DART Green Line (Get off at trinity mills) >>> ATRAIN to downdown denton >>> Uber/Lyft to hotel a couple miles down the road! 

airport Station map

DARTRailSystemMap12Apr21.pdf w602so.pdf

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If you're leaving Sunday or Monday (Labor Day), you'll need to take Uber/Lyft to the North Carrolton/Frankford station on the Green Line.  The ATRAIN will not run on either day.


The trip from DFW to downtown Denton will take at least an hour and a half - and probably closer to two hours.  This doesn't count time waiting for the Orange Line at DFW or for Uber/Lyft from downtown Denton to the hotel.


If you're flying in to Love Field (DAL), DART operates a bus (524 Love Link) that runs between the airport and the Green Line.  From there, you can take the Green Line to the Trinity Mills station and transfer to the ATRAIN.

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Great!  Thanks, Jon.

And thanks for the warning about the A-Train not running on Sunday or Labor Day Monday, @Xiwo Xerase.

The transit option takes longer than driving (2+ hours, vs. 35-40 minutes without traffic), but should be cheaper ($4.50 per person, vs. $40+ per vehicle).


And if you don't want to take Uber/Lyft for the last 3 miles from the Downtown Denton Transit Center (DDTC) to the hotel, walk one block north to Hickory St and catch the hourly #7 westbound / Razor Ranch bus. 

I think you can ride the bus with the same ticket that you got for the A-Train. 

It gets you within 0.6 mi / 12 min walk of the hotel, from the Scripture / Bonnie Brae stop.

Along the way, you'll pass Denton Square, with the courthouse that you see behind Jon & Dave on Reaperland.

Or you can walk 10 minutes to Denton Square, get a drink or a bite or ice cream there, and then catch the #7 bus from the NW corner of the Square. 


Sample times

I'll land at DFW at 3:55pm on Tuesday.

Take the free DFW Terminal Link bus (runs every 10 minutes) to Terminal A, Entrance A10.

Walk to the DART train station in the terminal.

Buy a $3.00 "AM/PM Pass", which is good all afternoon.

Get on the Orange Line train at 4:34, ride for 31 minutes until 5:05.  If I miss the 4:34, the next one leaves at 4:54.
Get off at Bachman Station, transfer immediately to the Green Line train at 5:05 (or 5:25), ride for 19 minutes until 5:24 (or 5:44).
Get off at Trinity Mills, transfer to the A-Train (buy a new all-afternoon ticket for the DCTA system, $1.50) at 5:30 (or 6:00), ride for 44 minutes.

Arrive at the DDTC -- the end of the line -- at 6:14 (or 6:44).

I would have to wait until 6:53 for the next #7 bus, ride until 7:05, and walk in the hotel doors around 7:17.
So maybe I'll get a ride from DDTC to the hotel, or walk to the Square and grab a quick bite before catching the bus.





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I made it, as planned.  It did cost only $3.00 + $1.50, but it took a bit longer than I expected.  There were very few riders in the middle of the afternoon.

DFW has some signs "Rail to Dallas" pointing the way to the train station, but it is somewhat hidden.  You have to get outside on the bottom level (Ground Transportation) and then walk to the north end under a fabric canopy.

The connection at Bachman Station from the Orange Line to the Green Line wasn't timed right, so I waited 20 minutes for the next Green Line train.

The connection at Trinity Mills from the Green Line to the DCTA A-Train wasn't very well-signed, but I found where to go and I didn't have to wait long.

At the Denton end of the A-Train, I walked to the Square and had an ice cream cone at Beth Marie's, and then caught the #7 bus and walked the last half-mile to the Embassy Suites.

ReaperCon ahoy!


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