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Bones 5+ Mass Prep


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In looking at what I received for Bones 5 plus some of my other lingering Bones from 1>4, it looked like the ones I had interest in painting in the near term could go into a mass prep and have two main groups - black and brown. (I still have other select minis - Giants and Dragons that will be in future batches).


So started out de-flashing and removing mold lines, then put into heated water to bend to shape, clean, then glue, then fill gaps with E-6000 or green stuff... I took my time, as I dislike this part of the process, and it took a couple of weeks.


Note on Glue, I bought Crazy, Loctite, Gorilla, Ace (all available in US). I have used all before but wanted all on hand to test at same time as I had a mess of minis to put together. I am really liking the Gorilla (regular super glue) for adhesion, quickness of drying, amount you get for bottle (and cost associated) and the regular is less liquid and a bit gel like so it will fill gaps somewhat without having to have the blob like gel versions.


Then on to the priming. I found the Army Painter brand does ok on Bones I have done, so I selected the Leather Brown, and found their new GameMaster brand that is primer and paint in the dark grey (ruins & cliffs), so I thought I would try. The brown, laid down well, but for a bigger can, it seems to deplete quicker. The GameMaster seems finer, and goes down well. It remains tacky, but to be honest, all rattle can blacks/dark greys I have tried have all gone down and stayed tacky. This is actually been the least tacky of the dark/black rattle can primers I have used and in some places where I got down a real thin coat, it was not sticky/tacky at all. Note - I was going to try the AV can paint, but reading the labels they do not say anywhere it is a primer too, from what I can find in the interwebs, it seems it could/is a primer maybe...)


Well if any progress nicely, I will add to the Topic. Here we go...





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Started with the Spider - Arokoth. Put down wash of black and then new Black Indigo and some light wet light purple design on abdomen... not sure what I will do with it, but likely dry brush up some Mid grey and light greys/purple highlights. (just looks like a bunch of black right now...)



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Used Tempest Grey as first dry brush, then Ghost White, then lightly on high areas with Pure White. Used Creamy Ivory dry brush on claws, fangs, and stinger.





Rolled onto the eyes. I usually do a yellow or green, but have seen some in red and it really does pop.


I used Army Painter ink on the abdomen in Purple and Blue to deepen the two colors areas. Also used a bit of purple to 'stain' the highlighting on base of legs and around fangs and stinger. Used GW Rykland Flesh all over fangs/stinger/claws and after dries, used Argax Earthshade at base of them (my go to fangs, teeth, etc. recipe). Lined the gashes in black.







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Went for base for him next. Covered brown primer with thin layer of the Black Indigo to bring some color of spider into base. Looks like a black lump of coal...or other lump of something...




Was thinking of going grey as main color, as spiders would be color of surroundings. Looking at the base it seems it has remains of chains and skulls of victims and in my mind this monster would travel to get its feast on periodically, so no need to match base/environment and animal.


Ended up using some reddish browns to cover to bring in the creatures eyes (in my mind anyway...) Dragon Red and Bloodstain Red. with some tan/buff highlights. And painting the bones/skulls and random shackles and locks grey/lt grey highlights.








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Tackling Aganzarax now... saw what @Sirithiliel had to do to it in assembly, I put him in hot/warm water a bit longer and assembled while warm, and then put under cold water. I did have to do some greenstuff and E-6000 seem work, but not too much.


Over primer I put down black (75/25 water) as base coat. Then needed to figure out what to do, thinking of a beige or tan for wings started out with yellows, and tans, and then covered with Olive. That seemed ok, so did wash with Argrax Earthshade. Likely will bring out highlights on wings with a dry brushing of light olive and then a yellow or light tan. Planning on chest scales to be some Olive.


Also, laid down some purple (Orchid Purple) on upper scales... Will likely go with a mid-grey and highlight with light grey over all black and the purple. At least that is the plan til it changes...






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Blocking in some color and did some work on horns/claws. My initial thought was a black dragon for this one, and looking more green... I will likely try to push back to black dragon somehow, or he could just be a cross btw black/green dragon.



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Went over scales in black wash and wing arms in black thin paint again, and then tried a mid grey dry brush, then a dusting/dry brush of ivory (brown) for highlights. I just could not help but dry brush on so many scales and such a big surface. I will look to do some details like eyes and teeth and see if I am liking it. Trying to keep my greys and other colors on the dragon in the brown family (ivory for highlight) and base in the grey-blues. I do like the under painting of the red/purple vs the grey base colors when dry brush went down.








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