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Bones 5+ Mass Prep


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Next is the Yog Sothoth... would typically go purple and green, in the same shades of the WellThing I did, but thinking this is born of Chaos, I went with Brown and Purple and then like Blue... and then use some of the paints I usually don't to add to the Chaotic visual.




Went Purple for body and blue (some purple/pink) for tentacles. Should end up being a bit more colorful then typical for me.



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Embracing the Chaos of this creature, I am just experimenting with eye color and different washes or inks on them. Same for the tentacles - just playing around. Watched a Marco (NJM) video yesterday where he says he has a concept and color values ready before he paints... not many times do I have colors ready for a mini prior to paint unless it is for someone else. I usually just experiment on the fly...





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It's been a few weeks, but picked up a couple of Scale 75 colors and thought I would throw down on this Chaos beast to get started up again. Blocked in the base with a sand theme and picked spots to put down dry brush and filling in some details on the eyes.. many eyes...







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