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Sharkbelly's Undead Part 1: Flying Gribblies

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I am starting a new project for the fall and winter. Games Workshop has updated its Undead/Vampire army, now calling them the Soulblight Gravelords. I am jumping in on this army, but at the same time I also want to have lots of figures for playing D&D. (I like dual purpose models. :-)


With that in mind, I have used a couple of extra flying stands from some Star Wars Legion figures and dived into my bits box to create a couple of classic D&D monsters:

Demilich--basically a flying skull

2 Flameskulls--flying skulls wreathed in flame

3 Will-o-wisps--glowing balls of light


I am going to start with these because they should paint up very quickly, but also because it will allow me to try out a new basing scheme. Here are the bases with sand and gravel glued on and everything primed.



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Morghast Bone and Flesh Was on the skulls, followed by dry brushing with Screaming Skull and White Scar.


A layer of Catachan Flesh with dry brushes of Gorthor Brown, Karak Stone, and Screaming Skull on the bases.


The rocks on the bases were base coated in Eshin Grey and then brushed with Administratum Grey and Deepkin Flesh.





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