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As usual, I went for blended colors and color variety 


Merking and his royal guards in gold and red


Merqueen or whatever with her handmaidens in blue and red


Spear merfolk in green and red 





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Had an idea. So my mermaids are going to be a caste system, based on scale color


Going to repaint the royal guards black with red fins, the queen will be purple 


That leaves the king gold, the hand maidens blue, and the common merfolk green

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Alright new scale colors done for queen and royal guards, and hair done on all


In my fantasy mermaid world, the caste system is as follows:


- king and royal males > gold scaled

- queen and royal females > purple scaled 

- royal guard > black scaled

- royal household (handmaidens, servants) > blue scaled

- commoner > green scale


All have red fins, and all have hair that is green ringed and fades to blue or purple 





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