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Ral Partha Shadowrun Ann Penchyk, sculpted by Dave Summers


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15 minutes ago, Clearman said:

The rabbit hole that is Shadowrun Lore is definitely worth going down.  The game has been around for 30+ years and has maintained a fairly consistent timeline across game editions.

Yeah, it's interesting and pretty fun. Found this on a Shadowrun Wikipage for fans:


Anne Penchyk was General Franklin Yeats's running mate; they ran on the Republican, "Rebuild America" ticket. She took his place after he was assassinated in a Chicago hotel room, by a wasp insect spirit posing as an FBI agent. She ran for the presidency, giving the dragon Dunkelzahn a run for his money. She was also an insect spirit, with connections to the Desolation Angels, who were still stuck in the CCZ (Chicago Containment Zone)


Gives a bit of history to the miniature and then starts me down that Rabbit Hole, because they talk about Dunkelzahn another miniature that I have and now should probably start painting.

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