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Freehand Class and NMM Boot Camp


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More minis that I painted as part of a class at Reapercon Virtual. The goblins were part of Brice Cocanour's class on painting freehand. The result was something far better than I ever expected to be able to do. It was a really fantastic class.


The paladin was from @Kuro Cleanbrush's NMM boot camp. It was a 4 hour class on how to paint NMM and it was exhausting and amazing all at once. My NMM on this one came out a little cartoony but still far better than I expected going in. We painted the sword and part of the chest plate in the class and the rest I did myself after for practice.


The scene here is hard to photograph clearly because it's kind of all packed closely together. The idea is that this paladin is standing alone across a stream from an army of goblins (of which you can only see the leading edge), ready to stand his ground. I think the vignette probably doesn't tell the story that I intended but... these were all practice pieces anyway and I had fun learning these techniques and plan to practice them more in the future.


As always, criticism and critique are appreciated.



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17 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

That's pretty cool!


For future use: a little more space between the paladin and the goblins would help to tell the story a little better.

Agreed. That is definitely one of my lesson-learned from this one. I didn't even notice it until I tried to photograph it and couldn't get a shot that didn't look cluttered.

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