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Secret Weapon Miniatures Closing


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2 hours ago, ksbsnowowl said:

Got my shipping notification on Monday. Tracking hasn’t updated at all, though, matching reports from others that it can take several days to move once you get the tracking number. 


I also got shipping notification on Monday and USPS is showing an estimated delivery date of Saturday.

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2 hours ago, crowsandbones said:

I finally received my order, small as it was it took forever! Went for a bag o' skulls


Got mine delivered today, and it was only a bag of skulls too. Was supposed to be delivered yesterday, but apparently it missed the bus somewhere along the trail. Shipping notice sent out on Sept. 2, and delivery on the 15th. Could have been worse. I don't blame Secret Weapon, who knows what's going on with USPS right now. If my observation of the mail carrier making his rounds and continually backtracking to put missed items out is any indication, it's probably not good (though I did note it wasn't my usual mail carrier today).


Happy with my purchase, looks like I got just around 50 skulls as advertised.

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