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Secret Weapon Miniatures Closing


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1 hour ago, buckyball said:


Damn. It looks like their site might be down. Does anyone know if they will bring it up again, or if they really are done?





Given that the final chance blowout sale was a year ago, and the HD bases KS is dead in the water, I'm pretty sure the company is really done. 


Also I found this bit on FB: 





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From the SWM FB page:


"Sacramento, CA


Secret Weapon is happy to announce that Elrik's Hobbies will be bringing the Secret Weapon resin bases and terrain back to the market in the fall of 2023!

Exclusive, global rights to the Secret Weapon resin product lines, including bases and terrain, have been transferred to Elrik’s Hobbies, LLC, and Secret Weapon Miniatures, Inc. has ceased all operations.

For more information on when the Secret Weapon resin products will return, as Elrik’s Hobbies products, please follow their Facebook page and check out their website using the links below. I highly recommend checking out the photo diary of their three day trip to Sacramento to pack everything up.


[Elrik's Hobbies web address redacted in accordance with board rules]

To the people over the years that made Secret Weapon possible, you will always have my gratitude. This is especially true of the incredible team that worked behind the scenes and without whom these great products never could have existed. LT and NB, if you see this, thank you for everything that you did, even at the end. We brought cool toys to market for fourteen years and that was pretty cool.

I will post an additional update directing people to Elrik’s Hobbies as soon as the product lines are available for purchase.


Justin “misterjustin” McCoy

PS: Multiple requests were made to Louis Simpson, CEO of Troll Trader / TT Combat, on behalf of Elrik’s Hobbies, Secret Weapon, and other interested parties for him to provide:

1) The month and year in which he believes that his license ended

2) Evidence, or at least a statement, verifying that he has destroyed the SWM molds and masters in his possession.

Mr. Simpson refuses to do either of those things.

Secret Weapon Miniatures, Inc. maintains that Troll Trader, TT Combat, and Mr. Simpson never had a valid license agreement and, instead, offered to “begrudgingly” accept $50,000 in Secret Weapon product in exchange for destroying the molds and masters in his possession. Mr. Simpson kept the product and continues to run the molds. Mr. Simpson also continues to publicly lie about there being no ongoing legal dispute.

Communications between Secret Weapon and Troll Trader have been shared with Elrik’s Hobbies which show the effort that went into resolving this ongoing legal dispute, and Mr. Simpson’s repeated refusals to destroy the Secret Weapon molds and masters to which he has no rights.

Elrik’s Hobbies did not make the only offer for the Secret Weapon resin intellectual properties, but they were the only company willing to move forward without the legal dispute with Mr. Simpson being resolved. I am grateful to them for taking this risk, on the strength of the communications that they have reviewed, and for bringing the products that so many worked so hard to create back to the community."

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