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Bones V: Narthalyssk 1120 (medium size dragon)

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Looks great.  The lining:  maybe thin the paint a little more, or add some flow improver.  Use magnification.  At the end of the day, it really depends on how steady your hand is.  And, if you want it super even, we all just have to touch up certain areas.

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5 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

You could try Inks for lining or Reaper Brown Liner which is meant for it.


I'm not exactly sure how to work with those. I'd have to search for some example or a tutorial. Anything out there you could point me to?

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1 hour ago, Zloyduh said:
9 hours ago, Darcstaar said:

Use magnification.  


I was actually wondering about this for some time. Anything worth recommending?

I use an Opti-visor, but there are other brands out there that are probably just as good.


Very nice work on the dragon.:winkthumbs:

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56 minutes ago, Zloyduh said:


I'm not exactly sure how to work with those. I'd have to search for some example or a tutorial. Anything out there you could point me to?









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As mentioned above, the color on the wing membrane is phenomenal.

The belly scales look neat too! The gradient on them looks wonderful. About the lining, I will say it seems to me like multiple brushstrokes on each section. It's either that which is causing these irregular spots at certain intervals, or maybe you are trying one motion but the brush 'won't stay straight', which I've also cursed over a few times as well... I think it's probably a matter of control - I find lining a pretty hard thing to do, and on most pictures, I see no real fault with yours!

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    • By R2ED
      This one took a lot more time than i planned.  2.5 nights of work.  The killer of it was all the layers with translucent paint.  Keeping them thin to not get streaking was difficult.   But i did it and it's done. 
      Proud moment for me is the eye.  


    • By R2ED
      This one is taking me forever! 
      I'm at a standstill with doing this eyeball. I also can't tell if i need to change the weird yellow i did around the eye.  I'm also struggling with the pumpkin lights in the heads.
      Overall I'm struggling and need suggestions. 
      Here's where I'm at: 

      Here's the progress photos







    • By Zloyduh
      Just in time for the season!
      I happened to be going through some sort of a creativity crisis.  I would start on a figure and almost right away stop feeling it.
      This guy seemed to shake me up quiet nicely.  Although, I did get tired at the end and rushed a few things.  But, as I remember, the profys recommend "paint more minis" as oppose to sitting over one for eternity trying to get it to perfection.

    • By Samedi
      I love doing WIPs. And I've got a lot projects I should finish 😊. And since there is still no progress with Barros and Tempest (this time because I'm still waiting for a new base to be shipped), why not start something new?
      I've yet to paint my first dragon, so I'll use this opportunity to do it. I confess, I'm cheating a bit here, since I'm going to paint the white dragon by Dark Sword Minis - that's a very small dragon. But still, he's got wings and teeth and claws and scales, so definitely a dragon, yessir!
      I absolutely love this mini. I bought it many years ago, but the horns went missing. Fortunately, when I ordered some more minis from Dark Sword a while ago, I was able to order some spare horns, so now I'm good to go.
      Here he is, assembled and prepped:

      Now I have to decide on a paint scheme, which I can't bring myself to do. There are three ideas I have at the moment:
      paint him up as an ice dragon. I'm thinking white with pinkish/greenish undertones and a base made with transparent crackle paint. There was a very cool version of an Ice Dragon a while ago on this forum, but I can't seem to find it any more.  paint him up as a star dragon using the technique I learned at RVE in Kevin Holderny's class. I used it on a coat so far, maybe it looks very cool on the dragon's wings. paint him up as a real world snake. Now there are so many possibilities...  
      Decisions, decisions...

      Some more work on the base.
    • By R2ED
      I challenged myself to knocking one out in 40 minutes.  This was another pick from paint club, so I was wanting to get it done and get to another.  
      This little guy was fun to push with wet blending. It was hard for me to highlight only up to the pink, and man that stuff is a one coat and done!  Gotta really thin it out or it'll be cotton candy.   

      I ended up sticking to a 5 color rule.  My 5th color was the black brown on the nails.  It's not in the palette photo, but i did have some left on my palette from the orc chief earlier today.  
      I like the little belly and inner leg transition.  Wet blending for the win. 
      Really this would be more adorable than ominous.  Guess he'll just have to deal with the other gargoyles talking about him being the flamboyant one of the group.  "There goes Gorag again..." 

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