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Box of Goodwill round 11 picture/chatter thread

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Question for everyone:


The usual way this goes is box starter ships box to the group, it goes from person to person, and it goes back to the starter. Do we want to do that again, or switch it up and have the box ship back to a different box starter?

So starter 'A' would end up with the box that starter 'B' originally sent out.

Or would that add unnecessary complications?

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Also, I'm working on the groups at the moment; the proposed box starters (please note the 'proposed' , this is not for certain until I finalize the groups) are as follows:

Chaos Wolf







Necromancer has a box he can start but doesn't want to get it back at the end; is there anyone who would like to be a box starter for the NEXT round that wants this box to end with them? 

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On 9/7/2021 at 9:47 PM, ironman1231 said:

You're welcome. I dropped 14 pounds of metal on the table the first day, more than half of it being Warmachine/Hordes stuff. 


Looking at my post, I meant to say I've taken a heavy piece of metal from the Goodwill box for the table. (Last round it was a Khador heavy jack, along with a old school orc musician, but he ended up on my game table. ^_^)


Looking forward to this round, never know what'll find.

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6 hours ago, MattParody said:

Questions for the paint by post figure:


Are their any guidelines as to what the figure must/should be?


And as a Box Starter, do I add a color or just prime said figure??

Originally, it was Sir Forscale. I didn't happen to have him at the time, so I substituted Oswald the Overladen figuring there was tons of parts for people to paint.

So basically, no. Anything that you think people might enjoy putting some colors on.

Whether you add color or just prime is up to you.

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On 9/12/2021 at 12:25 PM, Chaoswolf said:

Do we want to do that again, or switch it up and have the box ship back to a different box starter?


No preference here, really.


I started out thinking maybe if I were a starter I'd prefer to just keep it simple, but when I thought of it, it doesn't seem any more difficult or complicated.  On one hand, it might be fun to see what everyone pulled out of the box, and what is new, but on the other, it's maybe not so fun to get a box maybe half-full or more of the same stuff you sent out back again, so maybe it all comes out even.

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2 hours ago, Morihalda said:

Yay!!! My orders already went out today, so I should be able to have it in the mail tomorrow! :wub:


We couldn't afford Bones V, so my box will not be starting with any of that, I'm sorry!



Super!  With luck I'll get it over the weekend.  :)


No worries about the Bones 5 stuff Mori, I got plenty of it to put in. ::):




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