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Box of Goodwill round 11 picture/chatter thread


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9 hours ago, Morihalda said:

Okay. I'm going to try one more time tomorrow morning, and if it doesn't work, our group paint figure is going out with the eyebrows that she has.


And let me tell you, these eyebrows are something else. :lol:



Yes, let's get that box moving!   Megabrows, or not. ::D:

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5 hours ago, Rat13 said:

@JessEmber, @Poilu_1914, @fletcherpeatross, @corbie the box is ready to go. Unfortunately I've been fighting the flu for about a week now. Luckily it isn't anything worse but it has certainly stopped me from getting to the post office. Box should be on it's way by Tuesday however.

No worries, take care of yourself and get better!

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The butterfly box arrived.  I took the following:

bones ogre chieftain 

darius the blue 

bones beetle

gw lich 



GW plague marine 

wolf woman with epee

wolf woman with knife and shield.  
Barbarian with chain weapon and rabbit head. 
unpainted mage knight gunner.  

Nolzurs wereboar 

demon with dual cleavers

metal knight with fist hammer.  

sorry for the lack of specific names. Most of these are from a collection buyout.  


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I was able to go through the Mori box last night and make my selections.  I was happy to find several goodies! 


2 bottles paint 

Reapercon Hotel Bones USA Halfling Cooks 

A blister of Base Boss sample bases.

A 3D resin printed figure "Gabby".

BONES:  Mounted Sir Danel, a pair of Anhurian Swordsmen, Aglanda (Herald), Nova Corp Sgt, Gwyddis (Dwarf Valkyrie), a pair of Mouslings, Dorothy & Toto.

A 1.5 base.



I just need to find some time now to slap some paint on the Group Figure (the face is beautiful @Morihalda!) and then repack the box.  So hopefully I can have it on the road by the end of the week.


@SparrowMarie, please send me your address.




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