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Clear Orange, & Phthalos. Are they gone?

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I am sure this has been asked before, but I could not find any previous post on the subject.

I am working on my color journal and I finally got to Reaper's Clear Colors. I have 9 different colors. When double checking them with the web site, I can't find Clear Orange (09605), Clear Phthalo Green (09606), and Clear Phthalo Blue (09607) on the site. I know these were ReaperCon exclusive colors at one time, but I could have sworn these had been released to the public last year.

Can these be gotten (and I am missing something), or are they unavailable? If they are unavailable, are there any plans to make them a regular item? 

Thanks ❤️    

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They were a part of Bones5, so they may show up in retail "soon".   I've asked to have them added to the Second Chance KS options, since the other KS paint set is there, but I don't know how serious Ron was when he said he'd do that.  


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Numbers that start with 096** are limited editions (see my signature for a listing).


They were part of the second commemorative set, which Reaper did make available at retail for a time (along with the first set).  But they are not currently available.


I've not seen anything about them being attached to Bones V, but would have missed it if such an announcement was part of a YouTube or Twitch announcement.  Reaper makes it too tough to figure out what's going on too much of the time.


Reaper might re-release these at some time, but we don't know when or if.  I'm hoping they do, as I missed my chance at Rich Green, Frontier Blue, and Cactus Flower.  I don't do the "clears" and had the other six shades already, but the timing wasn't great for me.

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They weren't part of the bones 5 paints this year. They were released as the reapercon triad in 2019.  As of right now they'll be unavailable but they might be back at some point in the future, Reaper re-releases most of the limited paints on occasion. Might be a couple of years more though as that was the first time those had been created.


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