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Ice Drake (unreleased Dark Sword)

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On 8/25/2021 at 12:47 PM, TaleSpinner said:

I also painted the ice berg base coat.  I will be going for this aesthetic, but with snow on top:


Somewherr in my experiments with hot glue threads, i did some ice coloring experiments with ink if you want ideas.  If i remember correctly,  a phthalo green and turquiose on the whole, but prussian blue on the bottom gave that massive ice vibe (helps things from looking too green too) and obv drybrush the snow frosting. But that was somewhat transparent. 

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Ended up sculpting a rock base for it, as I didn't have time to do the ice one the way I wanted to.  Here is the photo that was used for it at the Con; I'll get better photos and more angle posted in Show-off later:



Hmm, the darks are a bit washed out in that photo.  The contrast is really a lot better IRL.


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Congratulations on the well deserved Gold!


I'm far from an expert in such things, but I've found that really flooding the mini with light then using a reasonably fast shutter speed really helps capture the proper contrast with my minis. 


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Double post due to bad phone signal :(
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