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Need scenarios for a con

Froggy the Great

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I'm running scenarios for SIMCON here in Rochester NY in March, and I'm looking for another scenario to fill up the Saturday morning timeslot.


Thursday and Friday evenings I've got demos.

Friday night, I've got this, using my rules for fighting in and around buildings:

In 2215 A.D, Terran Reckoning, the Rach and Malvernis were deeply embroiled in the Second Spica War.  On the planet Spica, a Malvernian convoy, escorting a Planetary Tetrarch to a clandestine peace meeting in a small city is ambushed by Rach extremists.  It seems that not everyone wants peace...

Rosters should be 1800 points according to the Journal of Recognition.  Pre-generated rosters and minis will be available to borrow.  E-mail [email protected] with any questions.  The event may run past 10:30.


Saturday afternoon, I'm running a tournament.


I need a scenario to run Saturday morning, with 4.5 hours to play with.


Anyone got any favorites?

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Frosh, your welcome to use the "Crisis @ New Britain" if you like. I used it here in the guys to yest it and it has been broken. Apply the following limitations or you select the forces by the follow guildlines. Either player may have one superheavy chassic CAV and a minimum of 50% CAV.


It plays out so close that players will have to add the victory points at the end to determine a winner.

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If your looking for something a bit odd, but ton's of fun, I wouldn't mind having another AO run it and put it through its paces


Its CAV Soccer, yep nothing like fully armed combat machines running around playing soccer and blowing the heck out of one another.


I ran it recently at a small con here for the first time, though it was the first time it was ever run, it had some great reviews and lots of chuckles from all involved.


I'm more then happy to let you run it, I just ask you give me a after action so I can adjust it before finalizing the rules.


Patrick "Mad Pat  :p " Haughton

Dallas Texas

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Ok I'll put them where you guys can get them.  It will probably be later today, as I need to correlate all my notes


Ya I'm a Black Lightning Team member, Matt taught me how to play mentioned they needed folks, and boom I was suckered in as easy as that.


Just recently got on the forums and started posting.  So thanks for the warm welcome


Patrick "Mad Pat" Haughton

Dallas Texas

Inmate #000092

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