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Streaming Tips Anyone

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So, unfortunately there are not a lot of people active on these forums who do a lot of streaming.  I don't think anyone's ignoring you, just that there's not anyone here with much in the way of advice to give on that end.


That being said, I have done a little research on it so I can give some bullet points.  Beyond that, I know that there are subreddits dedicated to each of the major streaming platforms that would probably have more detailed advice.   Most of those people will be more focused on gaming streaming, so some of their hardware requirements will be higher than for an art stream.  You do not need a video capture card as you'll be using USB based cameras, and you do not need any of the dual box setups where you pipe out video from one machine into another.


  • You do need a decent computer.  At a minimum, you're going to need something like a 5th generation or better i5 and 8 gb of ram.   Graphics cards are not a super important component here if your processor has the horsepower because you're not gaming at the same time and a good fast processor can do the necessary lifting.
  • You'll need a good HD webcam.  The Logitech C920 was the go to for a long time, but there are many more options now.  it needs to be a minimum of a 1080p camera, and it needs to be able to macro focus (minimum of about 12")  
    • A DSLR in webcam mode works well, and HD Document cameras are a popular choice for creative streams and give great results.  These can be a little more to a lot more expensive than a regular HD webcam, however.
  • If you opt for a webcam or dslr, you'll need a sturdy camera boom to hold your camera and keep it pointed at your work.
  • You'll want a dedicated microphone or headset.  Your computer or camera's built in microphone might be ok for zoom, but the audio quality will not make for a pleasant to watch streaming experience.  Microphones are a rabbit hole that goes deep and expensive, but realistically a gaming headset can be had for under $100 that can give good results.
  • You'll need good even bright lights.  A desk lamp or room lights will not be enough.  Look at something like a light arch or flat panel LED photography lights.  Some of these can be had pretty inexpensive.  I have a pair of 6" led panels that ran about $40 with stands that work well as painting lights.  Having dabbled with video quality, I'll say you'll want 4 to help eliminate shadows.  
  • You'll need a streaming software.  For twitch, OBS or StreamLabs OBS are the only options I'm particularly familiar with. Both have lots of YouTube tutorials on how to configure them.



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