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R.I.P. Charlie Watts.

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I heard the new Stones tune on iheartradio the other day & they said he wasn't going to tour with them & now this. I wonder if he knew something was amiss. I read a report that he was recovering from a successful surgical procedure, so who knows.


Thank you Mr Watts for all the musical memories.



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Tough few weeks, losing Dusty Hill and now Charlie. I guess that's just part of the deal when your favorite music is from the 60s/70s, eh? Lots of those guys are lucky to even live into old age, even I've lost a couple band members along the way. Not a healthy profession, overall.


One beautiful thing about music, it's our conduit to another plane. One of my biggest complaints about playing in a band is that I rarely get to enjoy the moment, because when I get into the zone, I'm no longer there. I'm a direct conduit to the Source (as a lot of musicians call it). It's an amazing feeling, a sense of nirvana shared with a couple other folks. And another amazing aspect of that is being able to plug into other people's souls (if you'll excuse the parapsychology of it). When I put on some Stones and pick up my bass, I can actually feel Watts in the corner, see his droll expression, watch him keep time and groove, lock in with it. Share the moment.

I'm in awe over a lot of this kind of stuff, even after all these years. When Dust passed, playing his stuff (I've always had some Top in my setlist) reminded me how much of him lives in my own technique. That's straight up magical. Playing along with Charlie last night, I was amazed how much his groove is also in my brain (I spent a lot of time with Sticky Fingers, and there are always a couple of those tracks in my guitar setlist, Wild Horses is a staple).

I last saw the Stones a few years back. Big stadium gig in Buffalo, we had seats just above the opposite end zone. Sound was crystal clear, like freakishly clear where I (with trained ears) could pick out individual parts of the drum kit, hear each stringed instrument clearly, this is an impressive sound engineering feat in a well-tuned indoor venue. It's unheard of in this kind of setting. But the Stones, they have always set the bar for live sound, going back to their mobile recording van. Almost every early live album by a rock band was recorded on their mobile rig.

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