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Billee's Grim Reaper (Bones 5 #1125)


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5 hours ago, Neatpete said:

That looks great. I like the scythe. For glowing eyes I think you should reverse it and have the center of the eye (the brightest) the whitest. Then shadow blue away from it. The hourglass is very convincing.

Oh that makes so much more sense. I'll give it a shot! 

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40 minutes ago, Chaoswolf said:

Very good job on him!


To get glowing eyes, I usually paint the eye white, and then use a drop of ink or wash. It tints the eye slightly, but leaves the 'bright' part showing through.


I hope that makes sense.

It does, thank you! I'm going to redo his eyes and see if I can't make them glow better with all these tips! 

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