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Happy Birthday Glitterwolf!


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Felicitations on you personal solstice!  (You forgot to do this one when you did the other birthdays.  That's OK I guess you will catch up this year.  (Sorry could not resist the pun.  In the US the #1 brand of catsup is Heinz who had 57 verities as a slogan)

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Thx all.


On top of the presents I got, my girl, the vixens and youngest boyfriend are taking me out to dinner tonight.

I got this from my girl:


Canister of Chocolates

Boss Perfume

A WD 2TB External HDD




She also cooked me dinner,

Greek style pasta with feta



Vixens and youngest Boyfriend got me this:


Another canister of chocolates

A bottle of Limoncello

Macademia Nuts

Box with 3 Liqueur - Cherry/Red Wine/Honey.



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