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Love these guys. Originally, Crocodile Games had the license for Pathfinder minis, but they sold it and their moulds to Reaper a long time ago. These guys were part of that original batch, right out of the first few volumes of Pathfinder Adventure Path. Croc Games has some other great models, you might really like their titans and cyclopes. 

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Thank you @Iridil, I'm glad you like them. The greasy skin appearance was not intentional, it looks this way because of the varnish. I used The Army Painter matt varnish on the two last ones and Vallejo matt varnish on the first one. Even if it's a dull sealer, The Army Painter matt varnish is a little shiny. Personally I prefer using Vallejo. I think it makes better pictures when using a dull sealer.

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