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Aussie's Ongoing Miniatures Conversions!

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Hi all,


I figured it was about time I start one a topic for my non-painting WIPs. So, here we are! I picked up some used GW beastmen gors, and did what I could to easily disassemble them so I could repose/do some conversions. I don't play WHFB or AoS, so I'll use these in games like Frostgrave or D&D. I think that, aside from one model, all of them have at least a weapon swap, if not a repose and sculpt. Definitely the most work I've done across a whole group of figs! I'm not quite done, but I made a lot of progress today, so I figured I'd share.


Some of the arms snapped off at the bicep/shoulder joint, which was a bit irksome, but ultimately not a huge deal. I spent a good bit of time working on the reposing, and here are the results. I still have to finish sculpting and gap filling, but everything is locked into place now.



Here are a few two-weapon 'berserker' style beastie-boys. One of the heads (left) had the horns cut off and filed down, so I found some from a helmet, and pillaged those. The legs on the one in the center somehow became stretched into a strange, wider stance, so it took me a while to figure out what to do about it. I settled on this kind of leaping/bounding pose, and I think it turned out pretty well.



Several guys with one handed weapons and shields. I really like the one on the far right; I got some great movement out of that pose. I still have to finish sculpting the shield on the leftmost one.



Some archers. I'm pretty happy with them, though, the pose on the rightmost guy wasn't sitting well with me, so I removed the bow so I could make him a lefty. A pretty easy fix to what could have been a bigger problem. I still have to finish that.



Some spear and shield guys. The one on the left had some kind of weird pose that I couldn't change (they did a good job with the plastic glue on that one), so I found a way to make it look like he's bracing for impact. Turned out pretty ok.



A couple guys with two-handers, and a musician. The club/mace was made from a ballista RPG I had leftover from some necromunda bits. I cut off the top, and painstakingly added some spikes. Really pretty please with that one.



And last, but definitely not least, a 'beastlord' kind of character. He's on a 32mm base, and at least a head taller than the others. I cut off the legs, and used the arms and torso from a Kings of War orc. I've used some poster-tack just to temporarily bulk him out and make sure the silhouette works. And boy, am I pleased with him. He still has the most work ahead of him, and that should be pretty fun.


I'm looking forward to showing y'all them after I get some more work done. Thanks for looking!!

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Got these guys finished up and primed, and a few being painted.



These were the ones that required the most work. With the left spearman, I used greenstuff over the brass and plastic to give the spear shaft more character, like it was a piece of wood found on the battlefield to make a hasty repair. I needed to figure something else out for the guys with 2handed weapons and the other spearman, since I had poor access to the brass rods. My solution was to use dental floss, glue one end in place, and take forever wrapping it around, before finally gluing the other end, and using thin superglue to seal in the floss. It works pretty well, and although it's not a perfect match fir the wrappings further up, it's close enough.



Here's a closer picture of that, and the shield I expanded. In hindsight, it would have been better just to sculpt one from scratch, as the differences wouldn't be so noticeable. But for what it is, it'll do the job.

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