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Icewind Dale Minis WIP


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Inspired by others 'project threads' - and with a return to face-to-face gaming on the horizon - I thought I'd start my own thread of minis I'm painting for WOTC's Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden (D&D 5e).


If nothing else this will help to keep me focused on the relevant bits of my unpainted pile, despite all the Bones V calling out to me 🙂


Feedback welcome - with the caveat that I'm an average painter at best, and aiming for table use not display!


Anyone planning on playing this campaign might not want to read further; the minis will inevitably spoil some of the encounters.


To start off, I've lined up the following:


Grimtalon the Roc (Reaper 77946)

Frost Giant Skeleton (Gale Force 9 71127)

Kings of War: Northern Alliance Clansmen (Mantic Games MGKWL301) 

Frost Shaman Boudi (Hasselfree HFH187) 

Frost Mage Matthias (Hasselfree HFH199)

Semira Marise (Hasselfree HFX023)

Polar Bear (WizKids DeepCuts WZK73727-W9)


Hoping to get cracking this weekend. There's also a dragon on the way, and maybe a few others...




Icewind Minis.JPG

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Slower start than I'd hoped. Some base coating done at least...


Icewind #2.JPG

Plus some further minis - Epic Miniatures Nothics (3D printed) and GF9's Chardalyn Dragon. Might be a while 'till I get to the latter 🙂




Chardalyn Dragon #1.JPG

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