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Next Level Miniatures is on Kickstarter (Rappan Athuk, a giant dragon, fantasy minis galore)

Grumpy Gnome

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Another “large collection of miniatures” kickstarters, reminiscent of the recent Blacklist Games Fantasy kickstarters.


I am tempted, even though it covers a lot of things we already have.


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Hey Everyone! We are excited to introduce ourselves to the community, and look forward to interacting with everyone! We are a new miniatures company based in the US, and we've already funded our first Kickstarter and knocking out stretch goals.  We'd love if you stopped by and if you have questions, just ask!


KICKSTARTER: https://bit.ly/3gYSTWS


Some of the key details:
💥Our goal is to produce high-quality resin miniatures at a fair price in North America to avoid shipping difficulties
💥Our miniatures are 28mm in scale
💥We use a thermoplastic resin that is highly resilient and has good flexibility, yet still takes paint exceptionally well.
💥We are already up to 93 minis for your $80 all-in pledge (and counting)

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First Created, so I'm eagerly waiting for their second KS. 🙂


We're already discussing the "flexible resin" in the KS, which is "thermoplastic resin" in Dakka and Dwarven Forge. It's a plastic that can accommodate undercuts better than boardgame plastic. Speculation is that it's SioCast, though none of us seem to have asked NLM directly. 🙃 Of course, just because you use a better plastic / resin technology, doesn't mean your production miniatures automagically are better than other plastic / resin miniatures. The prices are certainly better than resin, but not as good as plastic.


DF; http://forum.dwarvenforge.com/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=12364

Dakka: https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/800707.page

SioCast: https://www.siocast.com

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Siocast is what Galladoria Games has converted to, and I love seeing their stuff here at ReaperCon. Galladoria has even said they’re taking outside contracts, so who knows, maybe Galladoria is fulfilling production???

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Hey everyone!


We really appreciate the chatter about our project. We're very excited to bring some amazing minis into the hobby at a fair price, and are excited to hear from everyone in the community. This is the first of what we hope is many campaigns, and we do indeed plan to continue our operations in the US. 


If there's any questions you have, we'd be happy to answer them, whether it's here or in the project comments where we also try to be very active. 


We have some great partnerships with the team over at Frog God (Rappan Athuk) and Punga, and we are very excited to be off and running!

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If there's any questions you have, we'd be happy to answer them, whether it's here or in the project comments where we also try to be very active. 


Thanks! So will the flexible resin / thermoplastic resin be done through Siocast, or a different thermoplastic resin company or whatnot?


What other miniature products and projects have the company and its staff done?


What's the name of your sculptor and what other projects have they done? The sculpts look great and hope the renders translate well into production.


What sculpts will you be doing in your next KS? Some longertime miniature collectors already have sculpts similar to the ones in the present KS. (I actually don't have any stirges in my collection!)


Best wishes with the KS!


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It does look like a very tempting set of 'classic' monsters, good for the tabletop, with a few sculpts in there that I don't already have another model for. That non-Mindflayer in the latest episode is definitely one.

I tend to lose the will to paint a bit when I'm painting multiples of the exact same sculpt, but in this case they're clearly meant for the tabletop, so you could knock out a paintjob faster.

I'm also keeping an eye out to see if anything else still gets unlocked. Not 100% sold yet! I do like the dragon, the flying pose looks right and the size looks reasonable too (I'm assuming a fair bit smaller than the Bones 5 ones, though I don't have those yet, and "Huge" would still mean Adult in D&D terms...)

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