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Next Level Miniatures is on Kickstarter (Rappan Athuk, a giant dragon, fantasy minis galore)

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2 hours ago, R2ED said:

I'm trying to figure out if I'm Wave 1?  Do you have a way to tell when you backed the KS?

If you backed the KS on time you're wave 1.

You're also wave 1 if you're a late backer but filled your pledge by May 31st.

If you're a late backer and filled your pledge after that date, you're wave 2.

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December update!

Their 2nd SioCast machine still has issues, keeping production slowed down. But regardless, shipping will be under way next week for some 50 to 100 of you backers in the U.S.

Keep an eye on your emails, they'll inform you when to expect your package, and there'll also be a request to contact them if there's an issue with the shipment.

(and of course, everyone go and make sure your addresses are still correct on the GameFound pledge manager)



And of course, new production level pics!


Models with changes from the promo renders:

Basilisk's head is no longer looking quite as much to the side.

Death Knight's "crown" has been shrunk on the helmet to the point it's just raised segments of the helmet itself. Right arm and cape have also been reposed slightly.

Elder Eye's eyestalks have mostly been reposed and either bundled together or made to sit flush with the body.

I've mentionned this one before when they first showed them off as they mentionned the necessary re-posing, but the goblin warrior's arms have been reposed so his sword and shield are all more in a line with the body itself.

Stirge's head looks up straighter now, and its flight peg widens at the bottom. (that's definitely one I think everyone should pin to the base instead of just gluing)

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So far I've seen four companies that I've backed who use siocast all have various issues with a)the siocast machine itself b)technical support c)waiting on replacement parts due to the location of the manufacturer.  It's not ready for prime time unless the siocast owners start opening up shop in other countries and improve that customer service.  They may not realize it as they themselves are not the producers but either all four of these companies are.... not even sure how to put it, or siocast isn't ready for prime time.

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Not an update but this was in the comments section:


Hello everyone, just a heads up we had a little bit of a delay and the first test shipments will instead be going out Monday or Tuesday next week. Those who were selected have been notified via email. Thanks again!



I'm in Canada so I'm obviously not in that first test run but did anyone on here get notified of shipping?

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Someone who was in the test run for delivery got his minis and posted a pic.

Looks like they went for true-28mm for scale instead of the modern "heroic 28mm", as you can see from the scale comparison with some Reaper minis:



I'm okay with this. My minis scale is already all over the place and with scale creep not looking like it's any close to stopping it's nice to have some smaller minis around.



Even more pics thanks to backer Fenriswolf!







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The big downer from these early deliveries, at least as far as backer comments go, is there's reports of broken parts, as well as missing pieces.

Thankfully, NLM has said they'll replace any broken minis as well as deliver anything missing, so that's good.


Some people seem to be disappointed at how small Orcus and the dragon are but I dunno, from the pics showcased they fill out their 3x3 bases quite effectively.

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One commenter in the KS comments said the mini’s are 15-20% smaller than WizKids/Nolzur’s scale. That’s exceedingly disappointing. 

Edit: looking at his quote again, it’s a little unclear exactly what he meant. “Looking at these compared to the "medium" creature Reaper Bones and Wizkids minis, they seem to be about 15-20% smaller.”

I would say WizKids D&D minis tend to be ~20% smaller than Reaper’s figures. So I’m not quite sure how to interpret his statement. I guess ‘20% smaller than Bones, 15% smaller than WizKids.’

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