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Next Level Miniatures is on Kickstarter (Rappan Athuk, a giant dragon, fantasy minis galore)

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10 hours ago, JoeGKushner said:

Not a fan of the size but I've got minis from Hasselfree and Red Box Games that tend to be more 'true  28mm' as well so I'll live.

My scale is already all over the place, 25mm TSR, Ral Partha, old timey Citadel and Grenadier, with true-28mm stuff like Heroquest and Tehnolog and then the modern 32mm-and-beyond...

I'm cool with smaller scales because it means they'll take up less storage space tbh. 😁

(plus those one-inch squares on the game grids are almost always meant to represent 5 feet and the larger minis are so not realistically proportioned to those dimensions)

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First update of the new year!

So they've taken the feedback received from their first batch of shipments and made changes to the way the minis are packed, so hopefully the breakage will be minimal if not nearly nonexistent across all fulfilled orders.

A next batch of shipments is expected to go out next Tuesday.


Also, very important to note for anyone who's backed and is reading this:


Now here's the important part - during our first round of test shipments, 5% of them were returned to us due to a bad address by the post office with additional postage charges so we could reclaim them. We absolutely have to avoid this in the future. Unless you've already done so as prompted in one of our previous update posts (thank you to everyone who took care of that already!), we need every backer to take a moment to log in to Gamefound and check to ensure your shipping address is correct. If you have moved or you discover a typo, please email us at [email protected] to get it corrected ASAP.


If you fail to update your address with us and we send your pledge rewards to an address that is no longer valid, it will be your responsibility to cover the cost of any charges we incurred to reclaim your package from the post office, as well as, covering the postage to re-send it. We don't want this to happen to anyone, so again, please take the time to ensure your address is good to go so there are absolutely no issues in your pledge arriving.



So yeah, better check in on the Gamefound pledge manager and make sure your addresses are accurate and up to date.

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Got my order rin.


These are 'realistic' 28mm figures so they tend to fall into the Hasselfree, Mierce, Red Box Games style of figure.


But not all of them.


The dwarves, goblins, and kobols for example, are all heroic scale. The werewolves, like many for some reason, are size L so they won't fit on the regular sized bases. 


The scale ranges themselves aren't internally consistant.  The ogre and troll are huge and hulking. The iron golem, which  should tower over both of them, looks like it could be a war forged monk.


Detail is good.



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My friend got his today (3rd round of trial shipping) and we think the humanoids are a little on the small side, except the dwarfs which are almost as big, making them the right size. A little dissapointing. I'll post a more comprehensive size comparison when I get mine.

White are reaper, grey are nlm




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Clarifying pictures
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On 1/7/2023 at 12:29 PM, BlazingTornado said:

Someone who was in the test run for delivery got his minis and posted a pic.

Looks like they went for true-28mm for scale instead of the modern "heroic 28mm", as you can see from the scale comparison with some Reaper minis:



I'm okay with this. My minis scale is already all over the place and with scale creep not looking like it's any close to stopping it's nice to have some smaller minis around.



Even more pics thanks to backer Fenriswolf!







Thanks for the more comprehensive size comparisons.

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14 hours ago, 1dunnj said:


Those white ones are reaper? That right one with a lute on his back sure looks like a WizKids Nolzur’s mini. 

Yep, it is. Wave 4 human male bard.


Dang, these NLMs are TINY. Such an odd choice, and a disappointment. 

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The internal consistency is weird too. Like the goblins, kobolds, and dwarves, because of the type they made them, are going to fit in pretty much any standard 28mm game.


Below we see a zombie, skeleton, orc, and werewolf.  The werewolf is on a 40mm base due to his stance. I have no clue why werewolves became this large sized creature.  I've got another one on a 30mm base. The orc probably would look right at home with Wizkids, Red Box Games, Hasselfree, and a few others.  The other guys? They'd be a smidge small.  


No complaints in terms of value mind you.  Just preference. 




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