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Duncan Rhodes: Two Thin Coats Paints


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Yes, well, this KS have quite expensive rates IMHO, I mean, the all-in early bird is 180$ for 60 paints (15ml per bottle), so it's 3$ each bottle, that's is expensive to be a KS.

Anyway looking at the video of Duncan using them, it seems that this paints aren't anything special; Covering is quite good, but this paints look like they are made for classic basic layering and wet blending techniques.
I would love to see how they behave when used as glazes or how will react to heavy dilution.

EDIT: Also, metals look quite bad, seems they are made using mica flakes instead of aluminium powder...

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The intro to his video?  

Doesn't impress me.   


He's fond of Citadel and Army Painter brushes.   

Sure, that AP brush is comfy to hold, but it's a synthetic, and doesn't carry a point at all.  


If he's demonstrating the final product in the video, the bottles are very transparent. Which means they're filled far up in the neck with paint.  

No room for an extra agitator bead, or even for the paint to move around in when you're shaking a bottle.   

(AP had the same issue with the paints I bought way back when I started. )   


If the bottles are 15ml droppers, then they're about 2mm narrower than regular 20ml bottles such as those Reaper use. 

If so, they won't fit very well in existing paint racks. 

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I'm fine with my collection of Anne Foerster paints. Y'know, the Reaper MSP paint line. 🖌️



IIRC, From an interview with Reaper Bryan, the MSP paint line was made when Ed Pugh (?) noticed Anne was mixing her own paints from other companies, and wanted to release a Reaper paint line. Basically, she made the paints to fit her painting style. So... if you like how someone paints *and* follow their painting style, it would follow that they would want paints that best fit his style. (Famed public tv painter Bob Ross also sold paint products that matched his painting style on public tv.)


My style seems to be using colored primers right and left and mixing them with plastic putty to fill in gaps in miniatures. Don't expect a KS anytime soon. 🤪

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This actually really cheeses me off. I followed Duncan's free Spartan guide and was planning to be a Patreon supporter this winter. I have almost all the Citadel paints; now I have to try to colour match yet another brand of paint. 


(The Spartans turned out great, BTW. I'm looking at his giant and thinking it looks a lot like the one in Dark Depths.)

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