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Easy recipe for nilotic skin?

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Hi guys,


I want to paint up Ogana as the hero for my Rangers of Shadow Deep Project and I want him to have dark skin. Now the obvious way would be to just use the dark skin triad (because it says "dark skin" in the name, of course😇) but I would prefer him to have a real dark shade like people with nilotic origins have. I tried the power palette but I got a bit overwhelmed with all those choices, so it didn't really help (there was everything from burgundy wine to light blue...).


Does anyone have a suggestion for an easy recipe for nilotic skin tone (along the lines of "base coat this, shade with that and highlight with this and this")? It's just meant for table top, not for display. I have got most of the lower to middle number MSPs and quite a few Army Painter washes as well.


Thanks for your help!


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As I recall 09440 Ebony Flesh is slightly darker than Dark Skin Shadow.  You could go Black -> Ebony Flesh -> mix in highlights until you are happy.  If you plan to finish up with a wash you don't strictly need to stick to "appropriate" colors.  I.e. if you use a grey to lighten the Ebony it will look too desaturated on the highlights but a brown wash will fix that.

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