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I'm posting the minis I painted for @Pochi for the 2021 Summer Mini Exchange. If you've never done it before I highly recommend it. It was totally fun to do.


First up is the Dwarf Brewer 77461




Next is the ghost 77007; my first attempt at a ghost, loads of fun to paint





And finally the beggar from the Townsfolk I pack 77665; I think I pulled off the blind in one eye look pretty well. This was the most difficult to paint, gettig a figure to look raggedy takes a lot of extra steps





As always any cc is more than welcome. Enjoy!

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5 hours ago, Goddesstio said:

You did really great! I especially love the beggar and the one blind eye, I might have to try that on a mini in the future!

The blind eye was fairly easy, just paint it normally then do a glaze of white over it.


1 hour ago, zoroaster100 said:

Nice! I especially like the dwarf’s nose and the beggar’s patches.

The nose is monster maw with little red lines ( he really likes his brew!) The patches were built in so can't take credit for those.

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They are wonderful and I love them! He even gave them each little backstories. I will definitely be using them in my games and in the meantime, they are on my display shelf with my other exchange minis. Thank you again!

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