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Reapercon 2022 excitement thread!


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1 hour ago, Jeepnewbie said:

Already missing you all, and want to say a big thanks to everyone as the missus and kiddos had a blast there. They are wanting to go back already. Both my wife and daughter want to paint something for the MSP next year. They have never painted a mini before doing a hobby hijinks with @Ludo, so it’s awesome that they want to do more. 

Yup, that IS awesome!!


Looking forward to seeing you all again.

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Next year I'll be more on top of scheduling a Forumite dinner and picture.


I didn't do either this year because I was constantly fighting with my conscience about encouraging large gatherings of my friends. Yes, we'd all been around each other all weekend, but I just couldn't do it because I'd blame myself if any of my friends got sick. :unsure:


I'm already planning out my teaching schedule and entries for next year! :bday:



--OneBoot :D 

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On 9/6/2021 at 7:05 PM, haldir said:

I'm not sure when my next RCon will be. Most like yes '22 is it, but who knows between now & upcoming. I know for sure I will not run as many games, most likely 3 over the Con days. not 6(7) over 3 days. I missed out being with friends & such + your tied to a table & while I have fun as I had a variety of groups this year, I think I'd rather just hang with people instead.

I was thinking about it, Randy, and I’d be happy to run 3 adventures next year. Alongside your three, we could literally build a 6-part adventure that strings along the Heroes across all six adventures. We don’t have to force the same players to be present, or to even use the same pregens. Stuff from prior adventures wouldn’t have to be relevant to the future segments for the sake of not having to explain a backlog of information to new players. And who knows, maybe we get a few players who sign up for all 6 and represent a core of the continuing saga.

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It was our family's first Con ever -- after planning to attend Adepticon & ReaperCon in 2020. We had an absolute blast and met so many wonderful folks. (Haven't really socialized in forever so that was a mighty task to accomplish, let me tell ya!)


Barring a rogue asteroid or a country-wide zombie infestation, our trio will be there. (Perhaps even if with a zombie infestation because I feel the problem-solving skills of this community would be highly advantageous. 🤔)

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37 minutes ago, Coffee Nerdery Beer said:

That art has me stoked! 😲👏


Despite being about 75% through sculpting an octopus to adorn my pirate hat, I'm thinking I'll be able to use it again at some point for a future ReaperCon, eh? 

I say wear it anyway.  


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