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Reapercon 2022 excitement thread!


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So, I had posted on here before the big forum snafu yesterday, and I think I had seen a reply notification, but could not see the reply, so I'm asking again, sorry.


About the Ribbons that y'all pass out. Last year was my first ReaperCon ever, and I had never been to any other type of Con, so I had no idea that these ribbons were a thing. Well they were so much fun, and I totally want to hand out some ribbons this year. Where do y'all get yours made? Is there a favorite website y'all use? And how many ribbons do y'all normally bring? Also, if you are on the forumite bingo, do you bring more?


Thanks for answering my questions, again! Haha! I checked the site SOOOO many times while it was down just begging for it to come back up!

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14 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

30 more days!  Are YOU ready?!?


Surprisingly, I'm allot further then I thought I'd be. 5 games with some games with multiple minis (ie those damn harpies or cultists.....) this time around. Again, nothing will win Sophies, but I'm just happy to be putting more then shade coats on top of primed figures at this point. One reason I like running games at RCon is it gives me a chance to paint up figures & such. I don't really get that chance with the weekly games, unless I'm prepping for something far out (which is what I can do for RCon). Off the top of my head, I think I have less then 12 miniatures to paint up & that includes 2 more harpies.


I'm waiting for a few paints to arrive so I can continue with a couple. Funny I ordered one of those paints early last week, like last Monday & I totally spaced off that color was in there. I got a message about mid-week from Noblest of Knights saying one of the paints I ordered was Out of Stock. I was asked credit or replacement. I went with the replacement, not that I need that color, just a color/brand I wanted to try out. I almost placed a ebay order for the 1 paint I needed before seeing that email. ha ha (oops).


Out of the remaining minis, none are multiples (well except for 2 types, but both those require 1 paint, that I have, but it's different then using a regular paint) & the rest are kinda important characters for the games. I'm hoping to have everything done by next week sometime.


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