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Reapercon 2022 excitement thread!


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Finally got registration after missing it last night. Wife’s bag is blank but that’s a good thing. Told her to take it home and add it into her crafting supplies (embroidery). Time to sort the loot and get into con mode. 

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Oh my gosh, the ultimate con shame: I somehow grabbed the wrong box of minis and left the monsters I had prepped back home. Sorry in advance to my players who will see some of my ooooooold paint jobs and some prepaints. 😅

I did also bring my PC case, though. Maybe I can convince people that a half-drow barbarian is a hyena or a triton paladin is just a really small owlbear.

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Hi all:

At 5B42C648-88A7-4AA5-90F1-6DE4830DD497.jpeg.018eda0e5f8385e9dc0e0e88c3c0581b.jpegthe last minute, I used some shop scraps and made a handful of wooden bases before I left home.  The screw let’s you stick a magnetized base on really easily.  If anyone is interested, first come is first served.  Im a pirate today, and I’ll be in the con pillaging until the 2pm tour.


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Aaannnd, ReaperCon is a lot like Vegas. What happens at ReaperCon stays at ReaperCon. 

Kraken was released. Birthday traditions were followed. And images that make decent blackmail material may ir may not exist. 

Had my first mead, which ad a beekeeper I am slightly embarrassed about. But it is now half past one. I regained enough ability to walk that I vould makr it to my room, and I thibk I know whetr my pajamas are. 

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Fund day and a great Con. Wrapped up my part of it tonight about 6, picked up Lady C, got Chinese take out and now back to relax. Ran a couple of demo games of Stargrave, painted some minis and met a lot of folks from the Forum. Sorry for those I didn't get to meet.



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If I wrote the numbers down right, and there is a slim chance of that so take these numbers as rough, RC22 had 357 artists who entered a figure compared to 273 last year, taking total entries from 733  last year to 963 this year.

Gauntlets have been thrown to paint double the amount of Bombshell figures (52? this year vs 27? last year) and for more large monsters as well. 

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What a way to wake up! Hilton thanks me for the stay and sends me my receipt. Thought I was staying another night.



Guess it’s Amarillo tonight. LOL. 

Only afternoon activity we had planned was Buck-e-e’s, so it’ll be all good. Makes the trip back easier.

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